Recommended openings for this weekend…

Dabs Myla's piece for 'Freedom' this Sat at Known Gallery

Fri, March 5th 9:30PM-3AM ($25 at door)
The Avalon
1735 Vine Street in Hollywood
‘Control 2010 – Ninth Edition – The Art Series’ – featuring works curated by Cannibal Flower, Everyday Collective and The Hear Gallery + live painting, body painting, live screen printing and tons of live bands and DJ’s
Please note: enter through The Legit Lounge / south side of Avalon  

Fri, March 5th 7-10PM
Black Maria Gallery
3137 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles / 818.613.9090
‘Soundtrack Of Your Life’ group show featuring works from Paul Chatem, Brooks Salzwedel, Anthony Ausgang, Ken Garduno, Ben Kehoe, Tom Haubrick, Jason Hernandez, Aaron White, Sartoga Sake and Renee Lawter
(On view through April 11th)

Fri, March 5th 7-11PM
C.A.V.E. Gallery
507 Rose Ave in Venice / 310.428.6387
Group show featuring Cherri Wood, Jennifer Springman, Shannon Bonatakis, June Leeloo and Audrey Pongracz
(On view through March 28th)  

Fri, March 5th 7-9PM
110 E. Winston Street @ Main St in Los Angeles / 213.627.8272
Works from NYC’s TC-5 Crew featuring Seen, Doze Green, Doc/Arab, Phade, Totem, Abby, Cycle, Lady Pink, Mr. Wiggles, Yourz, Web, Keo, Bom 5, EBN, Sye, Aevon, and DovesOne

Fri, March 5th 8-11PM
La Luz De Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles / 323.666.7667
‘Everything But The Kicsch ‘N Sync’ 13th Annual group show featuring over 100 artists
(On view through March 28th)  

Sat, March 6th 3-5PM
2062 Sawtelle Blvd in Los Angeles / 310.445.9276
UglyDolls ‘2002 Ice-Bat’ Signing with UglyDolls creators David Horvath and Sun-min Kim

Sat, March 6th 8PM-12:330AM ($8 at the door)
Hive Gallery
729 S. Spring St in downtown Los Angeles
Monthly group show this time with an Alice In Wonderland theme with featured artists Prince Of Cake, Ron Pete, Ping Ping, Alina Chau, and Holly Wood plus tons of performancs, live DJ action and much more
(On view through March 27th)  

Sat, March 6th 8-11PM
Merry Karnowsky Gallery
170 South La Brea Ave. in Los Angeles / 323.933.4408
‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ featuring selected illustrations from ‘Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland’ and paintings inspired by the book from Camilla Rose Garcia
(On view through March 27th)

Sat, March 6th 7-10PM
Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles
‘Freedom’ group show featuring works from Dabs Myla, Alex Pardee, Craola, Mr. Cartoon, Witnes, Norm, Saber, Augs, Barry McGee, El Mac, Estevan Oriol, Evol, Jersey Joe, Kenton Parker, Logan Hicks, Patrick Martinez, Phil Frost, Persue, Push, Retna, Sever, and many more
(On view through March 27th)

Sat, March 6th 8PM-1AM (also open during the day from 10AM-6PM)
‘Manifest Equality’
1341 Vine Street in Los Angeles
Closing party for ‘Manifest Equality’ which aims to harness the power, vision and voices of 100+ artists in an effort to seek full and equal rights for Gay (LGBT) individuals and all Americans – this large, high-profile group show features work from a diverse array of artists including Ron English, Robbie Conal, Harvey Pekar, Barry McGee, Shepard Fairey, Swoon, Timothy Karpinski, Sage Vaughn, Amanda Visell, Claire Rojas, Tristan Eaton, Tim Biskup, Mel Kadel, El Mac, Logan Hicks, Derek Gores, Joe Ledbetter, Buff Monster, and many, many more + musical guests Isaac Brock and Sam Sparrow  

Sat, March 6th 7-10PM
Billy Shire Fine Arts
5790 Washington Blvd. in Los Angeles / 323.297.0600
Closing Party for BSFA celebrating their upcoming move back out to Silver Lake area with a DJ set by Ground Control’s Andrew Holguin and a live performance from Unextraordinary Gentlemen and your last chance to see the current body of work from Dave McKean

Sat, March 6th 6-9PM
Surfing Heritage Gallery
3333 Bear Street, Suite 303 in the South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa
New works from John Culqui
(On view through March 28th)

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