Recommended openings for this weekend…

Souther Salazar's magical hotair baloon sculptures created from old lightbulbs are featured in tonight's group show opening at THIS Gallery - 'Kids of All Ages' - don't miss it!

Fri, May 28th 7-10PM
THIS Gallery
5906 North Figueroa Steet in Los Angeles
‘Kids Of All Ages’ featuring a celebration of children’s books from Calef Brown, Tad Carpenter, Dallas Clayton, Jef Czekaj, Parker Jacobs, Travis Millard, Caleb Neelon, J. Otto, Souther Salazar, Marisabina Russo, David M. Stack, Nadine Westcott, and Ben Woodward
(Special events also on Sat, May 29th from 11AM-2PM + Sun, May 30th 11AM-2PM)  

Fri, May 28th 7-10PM
Toy Art Gallery
737 Seward Street in Los Angeles
‘Netzwerk & Musashinto Tech’ featuring new sculptural works from Daniel Goffin and Martin Osuna
(On view through June 12th)  

Sat, May 29th 7-11PM
HVW8 Gallery
661 N. Spaulding Ave in Los Angeles (just off Melrose)
‘One Way Or Another’ featuring works from Todd Bratrud, Geoff McFetridge, Michael Sieben, Andrew Pommier, Donny Miller, Michael Leon, Ben Horton, Greg ‘Pnut’ Galinsky, Eric Anthony, Mat O’Brien, and may more
(One-night only event)

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