Recommended openings for this weekend (9/9 – 9/11)

Andy Kehoe 'Onward Again My Friend' - featured in this Saturday's 'Blab Show!' at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica

Thurs, Sept. 9th 5-11PM
215 W. 6th Street, #111, in downtown Los Angeles
‘River Rock Bones’ featuring new works from Paul Chatem

Thurs, Sept. 9th 6-9PM
La Luz De Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles / 323.666.7667
‘Art Toys’ book-signing with Brian McCarty
(One-night only special event)

Fri, Sept. 10th 7-11PM
C.A.V.E. Gallery
507 Rose Ave in Venice / 310.428.6387
‘Burning In Water, Drowning In Flame’ featuring new works from Euth, Jason Hernandez, and Tom Haubrick
(On view through Oct. 2nd)

Fri, Sept. 10th 7-10PM
3.1 Phillip Lim
631 North Robertson Blvd in West Hollywood
‘Birds & Boys’ – a celebration of ‘Fashion’s Night Out’ with new portraits on display from James Jean + DJ action, food trucks, and more

Sat, Sept. 11th 6-9PM
Robert Berman Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave, Space C2 in Bergamot Station in Santa Monica / 310.315.1937
‘In Broad Daylight’ featuring new works from David Trulli
(On view through Oct. 9th)

Sat, Sept. 11th 8-11:30PM
Copro Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave, Space T-5 at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica / 310.398.2643
‘The Blab Show!’ returns featuring the debut of ‘Blabworld No. 1’ – both curated by Blab founder Monte Beauchamp – group show features works from Femke Hiemstra, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Shag, Martin Wittfooth, Kris Kuksi, Ron English, Eric White, Ryan Heshka, Jean-Pierre Roy, Owen Smith, Dave Cooper, Gary Baseman, Yoko D’Holbachie, Andy Kehoe (pictured above), and more – don’t miss this annual show!

Sat, Sept. 11th 7-11PM
Gallery Nucleus
210 E. Main St., Alhambra / 626.458.7482
‘Sweet Streets II’ features over 70 artists spanning the globe in a group show inspired by the fashion of the streets of Tokyo, Japan and will feature over 100 original works of art + lots of special surprises – check site for full details
(On view through Oct. 4th)

Sat, Sept. 11th 6:30-10PM
2062 Sawtelle Blvd in Los Angeles / 310.445.9276
‘Photos From The Uglyverse’ featuring the work of Uglydolls creators David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim
(On view through Sept. 29th)

Sat, Sept. 11th 6-9PM
Richard Heller Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave, Space B-5A at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica / 310.453.9191
‘Please Don’t Act A Fool In The Club: A Memory Of The Sugar Shack’ featuring new works from Devin Troy Strother
(On view through Oct. 9th)

Sat, Sept. 11th 6-10PM
)( Hurley Space
1945 Placentia Ave. in Costa Mesa
‘Ominous Compositions From The Magic Mountain’ featuring new works from Bigfoot featuring a collaborative installation with Jason Maloney + The Grill ‘Em All Food Truck will be on hand + live DJ action

Sat, Sept. 11th 7-10PM
Merry Karnowsky Gallery
170 South La Brea Ave. in Los Angeles / 323.933.4408
‘Autist’s Fables’ featuring new works from Lezley Saar
(On view through Oct. 2nd)

Sat, Sept. 11th 7-10PM
New Image Art Gallery
7908 Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood / 323.654.2192
‘Now I Remember’ featuring cell phone photography from the likes of Neckface and a colorful cast of characters
(On view through Oct. 2nd)

Sat, Sept. 11th 7-10PM
Switcheroo Workshop
543-B South Raymond in Pasadena
‘Bed Monster’ hand painted hand cast resin set release from Itokin Park and Amanda Visell

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