Recommended openings for this weekend (March 23rd/24th) in LA

Souther Salazar 'Crashlander' - mixed media on wood panel - featured in 'Juxtapoz Turns 18' at Copro Gallery this Saturday

Fri, March 23rd 7-11PM
Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave in Los Angeles
‘Bellicosity: A Bellicose Bunny Custom Group Show’ featuring custsom from Luke Cheuh, Gris Grimly, KMNDZ, Touma, Jeremiah Ketner, Jermaine Rogers, Martin Hsu, Miss Mindy, Blamo, Julie B., Spanky Stokes, Ragnar, Voltaire and many more
(On view through April 6th)

Fri, March 23rd 7-9PM
Wonderland Gallery
1257 N. LaBrea Ave in West Hollywood
‘I Want To Be First’ group show featuring works from Ana Bagayan, Julie Bolene, Shannon Brooke, Chiara Fersini, Minni Havas, Anna Higgle, Sylvia Ji, Chantel Menard, Crystal Morey, Sonya Palencia, Corrine Reid, Cody Raiza, Cate Rangel, Natalie Shau, Alexandra Manukyan, Bee Winnel and Robyn Von Swank

Sat, March 24th 9PM-1AM ($10 Admission / $8 with donation to LA Food Bank / $6 in costume)
Cannibal Flower
Taking place at New Puppy Gallery at 2808 Elm Street in Los Angeles
Huge bi-monthly art event with a massive group show with featured artist Christina Angelina and new works also on view from Elliot Brown, Lauren Haggis, Kristin Bockrath, Rask Opitcon, Sean Joyce, Nate Seubert, William Zdan, Michael Christy, Erik Siador, Jason London, Andrea Iakovidis, Nathan Geare, Christopher Willingham, Phil Santos, Stephen Williams, Q, David Natale, Khalid Hussein, Meirav Haber, Brian Robertson, BeneDigital, Jason Krause, Kitty Brown, Jason Castner, Rick Rodriguez, Erin Stone, Jackson Arcade, Eban Lehrer, Jaime Becker, Lefty Joe, Lynn Marie Greaves, Nyoka, Kim Gordon, Cynthia Rogers, Fionn McCabe, Kelly Thompson, Kate Sikorski, Kasim Patton, Monty Montgomery, Genie Melisande, Melany Meza-Dierks, Sarah Stieber, Daniella Batsheva, Lizzy Layne, Chuck U. Farley, Yuki Miyazaki, Tyme, Alejandro Navia, Steven Higgins, Keri Kilgo, Donna Letterese, Roland Salandy, Terri Berman, Alex Gonzalez, 3RDi, Christina Czybik, James Lee Stewart, Laura Casner, Kimberly Kite, Lisa Hirata, Jim Lembeck, Bob Kent, David Messina, Charles Perera, Richard Sigmund, Artist Andrea, Keith Vogt, Rhiannon Marhi, Cambria Petit, Tim Bontte, Deryke Cardenaz, Tim Boggs, Carly Wise, Shawn Waco, Sergio D’Robleto, Bruce Linn, Angel Cutno, CAUSNFX and more along with DJ’s Mr. NumberOnedrful and DownToEarth and Live Painters, Live Music and a fetish performance from Snow Mercy

Sat, March 24th 8-11:30PM
Copro Gallery
2525 Michigan Ave, Space T-5 at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica
‘Juxtapoz Turns 18: Celebrating 18 Years of Juxtapoz’ curated by Gwynn Vitello and Greg Escalante with works from Robert Williams, Shepard Fairey, Mark Ryden, Todd Schorr, Marion Peck, Camille Garcia, Kathy Staico Schorr, Cathie Bleck, Suzanne Williams,The Date Farmers, Jeremy Fish, Tara McPherson, Shag, Tiffany Bozic, Scott Musgrove, Neckface, Elizabeth Mcgrath, Anthony Ausgang, Souther Salazar, Luke Chueh, Ed Templeton, Dennis McNett, Isabel Samaras, Charles Wish, Jeremy Lipking, Steve Olson, Don Pendleton, Mike Shine, Retna, Kevin Ancell, Andrew Schoultz, Brian Bowen Smith, Skinner, Rico Deniro, Craig Stecyk, Herbert Baglione, Sandow Birk, Mike Giant, Morgan Slade, Ron Lipking, Sage Vaughn, Deanna Templeton, Bill Dee Williams, Estevan & Eriberto Oriol, Michael Carney & many more
(On view through April 24th)

Sat, March 24th 7-10PM
Flock Shop
943 North Broadway, Suite #103 in Los Angeles
‘’Fragments and Run-Ons’ featuring new works from Christopher and Stephen Umana

Sat, March 24th Noon to Sun, March 25th Noon
6020 Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles
‘Around The Clock: 24 Hour Donut City’ free donut extravaganza celebrating the ‘donut capital of the U.S.’ coinciding with LACMA’s 24 hour screening of Christian Marclay’s ‘The Clock’ from noon Sat through noon on Sun

Sat, March 24th 8-11PM
Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles
‘The Jungle’ featuring new works from Victor Reyes + ‘Cambodia: The New Life’ featuring new photographs from Dylan Maddux
(On view through April 7th)

Sat, March 24th 7-10PM
LeBasse Projects
932 Chung King Road in Los Angeles
‘Joke’s On Me’ featuring new works from Yoskay Yamamoto
(On view through April 21st)

Sat, March 24th 6-10PM ($100 at the door / $85 in advance)
250 South Grand Ave in Los Angeles
‘Fresh: MOCA’s Annual Silent Auction’ featuring more than 200 works by emerging and established artists

If you’re in Culver City this Saturday and missed the opening for ‘Picks of the Harvest 2012’, Thinkspace will be open from 1PM to 8PM, so please be sure to swing on through. This Saturday is your last chance to catch this amazing exhibit. Coming up next Sat, March 31st at Thinkspace will be debuting new solo shows from Yosuke Ueno and Fumi Nakamura.

6009 Washington Blvd. in Culver City / 310.558.3375
‘Picks of the Harvest 2012’ group show featuring new work from over 60 contemporary artists hailing from 14 countries
(On view through March 24th / final day to view the show)

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