Recommended openings to catch this weekend…

Matthew Feyld ‘Untitled (man under table)’
On view this month at Thinkspace
Thur, March 12th 6-9PM
110 E. Winston Street @ Main St in Los Angeles / 213.627.8272
The Nat King Cole RE-GENERATIONS Art Exhibit featuring works form Overton Loyd, Sage Cole, Man One, Marka 27 and others plus live DJ action and more
(On view through March 28th)

Thur, March 12th 12-9PM
Downtown Art Walk
Self-guided tour of all the galleries and spaces in downtown Los Angeles that help to support the arts – full details on their site and always something special going on

Fri, March 13th
De La Barracuda
(7769 Melrose Ave in Los Angeles / 323.852.7179)
“All Is Well” Art Collective Night at the shop with music from DJ Tim Biskup

Fri, March 13th 7-11PM
Thinkspace Gallery
4210 Santa Monica Blvd in Los Angeles / 323.913.3375
“Untitled (New Works)” featuring new works and an installation from Matthew Feyld (* work shown above) + “The Sins Of Atticus Finch” featuring new works from David MacDowell in the project room
(On view through April 3rd)

Sat, March 14th 7-10:30PM
Black Maria Gallery
3137 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles / 818.613.9090
“Channels” featuring new works from Ken Garduno + new works from Jenna Colby on the project wall
(On view through April 4th)

Sat, March 14th 6-9PM
Cerasoli Gallery
8530-B Washington Ave in Culver City / 310.945.5974
David O’Brien “Explosions In A Mental Sky” in gallery 1 + Tofer Chin “Double Dip” in gallery 2

Sat, March 14th 7-11PM
2453 E. Chapman Ave in Fullerton / 714.441.0801
“Must Be The Fumes” group show featuring works from Stuter, Zdenek55, Brandon Francis, Mainframe, Crevice Creeps, Solve, Kozem & more
(On view through April 1st)

Sat, March 14th 6:30-10PM
2062 Sawtelle Blvd in Los Angeles / 310.445.9276
“Year Of The Ox” group show featuring works from Robert Bellm, Christopher Bettig, Luke Chueh, Brent Harada, Lizz Hickey, David Horvath, Michael Hsiung, Dan-Ah Kim, Daniel Lim, Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Tom Neely, Martin Ontiveros, Albert Reyes, Shizu Saldamando, Deth P. Sun, Edwin Ushirio. Amanda Visell, Bigfoot, Le Merde, Buff Monster, Apak!, and many more
(On view through April 15th)

Sat, March 14th 6-9PM
James Gray Gallery
2525 Michigan Avenue, Building D4 in Santa Monica / 310.315.9502
New works from Chris Lundy
(On view through April 12th)

Sat, March 14th 4-8PM
Monkeyhouse Toys and Art Gallery
1618 ½ Silver Lake Blvd in Los Angeles / 323.662.3437

“Sights & Sounds” featuring new works from Mr. Toast and Michael Fleming
(On view through March 29th)

Sat, March 14th 7-10PM
Billy Shire Fine Arts
5790 Washington Blvd in Culver City / 323.297.0600
New works from Ana Bagayan, Eric Finzi, Gregg Gibbs and Matjames Metson
(On view through April 4th)

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