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ROA has landed! – Sour Harvest

ROA has landed!

ROA's first finished piece on the streets of Los Angeles. Check it out for yourself at the corner of 7th and Mateo in downtown

Thinkspace presents a special pop-up event with ROA

Sat, Nov. 13th 6PM-Midnight
On view: Nov. 13th – Nov. 24th

Taking place at New Puppy Gallery
2808 Elm Street in Los Angeles

We’re excited to announce that we will be presenting Belgian-born artist ROA‘s debut west coast solo show on Sat, Nov. 13th. This will be a special pop-up event presented by Thinkspace and taking place at New Puppy Gallery just outside of downtown Los Angeles (corner of Cypress and Elm – just off the 110).

ROA has been extremely busy of late having visited New York this past June for a show with Factory Fresh in Brooklyn and traveling all over Europe the past several months. So far this summer he’s put up amazing pieces at Nuart (Stavanger, Norway), Infart (Bassano del Grappa, Italy), Critica Urbana (Madrid, Spain), Secret Garden Festival (London, England), Popup! (Ancona, Italy) and Stroke.03 (Berlin, Germany). On top of that he did a special piece while in the UK that ended up on the cover of a recent issue of VNA and also managed to place works on the streets of Russia just before flying off to Los Angeles. ROA‘s organic animals, huge both in presentation and reputation, will soon take over the streets of LA as well as the walls of New Puppy Gallery, reminding the city’s art lovers that there is indeed nature all around us, even in the middle of the City of Angels. His street work brings to mind the natural world before it was covered in skyscrapers and highways and acts as an ardent cry to arms to not ignore the nature that surrounds us all. As the cities of the world continue to push nature further and further away… and closer and closer to extinction, ROA‘s work helps us to stop and pause and take note of the natural beauty all around us.

ROA‘s work has been exhibited in London, Berlin, Warsaw, Brooklyn, Amsterdam, and Paris and this exhibit will mark his first solo show on the west coast of the States.

Check out pics of his Los Angeles street pieces here:

Check out a nice set of ROA’s work courtesy of Unurth here:

And on ROA’s very own Flickr here:

Opening Reception: Sat, Nov. 13th 6PM-Midnight
On view: Nov. 13th – Nov. 24th

Taking place at New Puppy Gallery
2808 Elm Street in Los Angeles


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