Rod Luff at Spoke Art this month / look for him in Beyond Eden

The work of Rod Luff

Our friends up at Spoke Art just opened their annual preview show, “A Taste of Things to Come.” The group show aims to give an introduction to the personality and taste of the gallery, while highlighting artists they find important and intriguing. This worldly and diverse group of painters and illustrators present their unique perspective while working within the new contemporary art genre.

Featuring works from: Handiedan (Netherlands), Nimit Malavia (Ottowa), Serge Gay Jr. (SF), Rod Luff (Sydney), Jonas Lofgren (Berlin), Casey Weldon (LA), Tim Doyle (Austin), Ron Ulicny (Portland) and Sam Wolfe Connelly (NYC).

Show on view through August 25th

Look for Spoke Art‘s traveling ‘Quentin vs. Coens’ exhibit to be featured at this October’s Beyond Eden. While there, also look for the work of Rod Luff (pictured above) to be featured with Thinkspace. This year’s Beyond Eden is really shaping up beautifully. More details announced soon.

Follow the exploits of Spoke Art here:

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