SANER featured on Mass Appeal


Mass Appeal published a feature on SANER and his latest exhibition In a Dream (En un Sueño) at Brand Library & Art Center. Our opening reception for the exhibition was last Saturday, but the show is on view now until January 7th. The full article ‘MEXICAN ARTIST SANER BORROWS FROM THE PAST, PRESENT AND METAPHYSICAL FOR LATEST EXHIBIT‘ can be viewed on Mass Appeal’s website.

Often pegged to themes of duality – the wholly human and the divine, magic and fact, animal and human, the innocent and the knowing, the indigenous and the colonizing, SANER, who’s given name is Edgar Flores, uses the mask as his primary vessel for storytelling. He draws from the ancient tradition and metaphor of Nahuale animal masks, that tell of human beings believed to shape shift – spiritually or physically – and transform into animal form. – Mass Appeal

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