Sarah Joncas coming up this June…

“Beauty in the Breakdown”

~Debut solo show coming up this June @ Thinkspace~

Sarah Joncas is in full on creation mode for her upcoming debut solo show that will take place this June at Thinkspace and recently shot over a few sneak peeks, one of which, “Beauty In The Breakdown”, shown above, was so stunning, that we just couldn’t wait to share it with everyone. We are so excited to host this show for her and she’s really come into her own with this new series of work. After debuting her work in the States in January of 2008 alongside Camilla d’Errico, we have watched her grow and branch out her work to many new markets over the past year and a half.
The works that are coming together thus far for this June show a slight departure from her darker tones of the past, while turning a new corner in terms of narrative in each piece. The direction the show is currently taking is one that will really bring her to the attention of many new fans. Following our show are solos with Roq La Rue and M Modern, in addition to a few key group shows, so things are looking very bright indeed for her as we head into our solo this June.
More ‘sneak peeks’ and an interview with Sarah will be published here soon.

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