Sarah Joncas in NYC at Last Rites Gallery (April 30th)

Sarah Joncas

Canadian artist Sarah Joncas is returning to NYC next week for her show with Last Rites Gallery opening on April 30th. ‘Lilith’ will feature a new series of oil paintings on canvas alongside a small selection of new graphite works on paper. Sarah talks a bit about the show and her inspiration behind the new series below.

“Given the opportunity to go darker with this show, I chose to go full force in celebrating the original femme fatale, Lilith – not necessarily as a direct allegorical reference, but more so for what she represents. According to Jewish Mythology, Lilith is considered to be the true 1st wife of Adam, though her unwillingness to submit caused her to rebel from Eden in search of her own dark path. As such, she’s been written as the temptress, the mysterious and the devil. Taking from fairytale and folklore inspirations, much of my work for this show borders on the fantastical, indulging and sometimes turning other mythological females into similar demoniac beings. Though working with a relatively more aggressive theme than usual, I’ve kept the melancholic and pensive tone that my work is most well known for.”

Sarah Joncas ‘Lilith’

Opening Reception: Sat, April 30th 7-11PM

Last Rites Gallery / 511 W. 33rd Street, 3rd Floor in NYC /

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