Sarah Joncas studio visit in preparation for ‘Pretty, Broken Flower’

Sarah Joncas – ‘Pretty, Broken Flower‘ | August 22 – September 12, 2020

The inspiration behind ‘Pretty, Broken Flower’: I didn’t approach this show with an over-arching theme in mind, but instead took the workpiece by piece letting inspiration and each image flow more naturally. I’ve found over the years my paintings tend to turn out better when I let things happen more intuitively, maybe because I’m not forcing a vision. However, much of the inspiration behind the paintings from this show comes from expressing emotion and feeling out individual conflict, letting surreal motifs enhance each portrait by accenting those concerns. The title for the show comes from a work included, something vague enough to envelop all the pieces, but also hinting towards that internal struggle I’m suggesting in them.

Video by Birdman

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