‘Scribble.08’ LA premiere at Beyond Eden this weekend…

'Scribble.08' from Murphy Fine Art Films
'Scribble.08' from Murphy Fine Art Films

‘Scribble.08’ presented by Murphy Fine Art Films

Special screening and LA premiere at the Barnsdall Gallery Theater (located next door) during Beyond Eden.

Sun, Oct. 11th @ 2PM & 3PM (two special viewings – FREE to the public)

The front of the historic Barnsdall Gallery Theatre
The front of the historic Barnsdall Gallery Theatre

Murphy Fine Art Films presents Scribble.08, a documentary film inspired by the art movement of southern California. Directed by Pi Founder, Mark Murphy, and produced by Ten Stories and Ninthlink, this 48-minute film features interviews with 8 significant artists of our time: Rob and Christian Clayton, Martha Rich, Jeff Soto, Joe Sorren, Tim Biskup, Camille Rose Garcia and Kevin Christy. The film chronicles the growth of these talented artists and, through candid interviews, tells compelling stories of their obstacles, triumphs and sources of inspiration. Photographs, sketches and paintings are seamlessly woven into the storytelling, and original music by MANUOK, Tim Biskup’s Big Butter, The Lyle and the Sparkleface Band featuring Joe Sorren and UKEFINK featuring Jason Holley can be heard throughout the narration.

A passionate crew comprised of Rob Craghead, Jeromy and Matt Stallings, Ryan Sabo and Mark Murphy filmed artist studios in and around Los Angeles. With virtually no production budget, the team piled into a Jeep and rolled around southern California gathering inspired testimony and archiving a critical period in the arts. A project that began in 2003 has evolved into a historic capture celebrating visual narrative that provides the fine arts community with an inspired look at 8 influential artists.

Inside the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre
Inside the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre

About the Artists:

Joe Sorren

Based in Flagstaff, AZ, Joe Sorren is an award-winning illustrator with work appearing in Rolling Stone, Print, The Los Angeles Times, Juxtapoz, Step-by-Step Art Now and Communication Arts. His work has also been adapted by Warner Brothers and Atlantic Records. Following his first solo exhibition in 1995, Joe has had continued success with exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Detroit.

Martha Rich

Currently based in Los Angeles, Martha Rich is in the process of relocating to Philadelphia to continue learning and honing her craft. She is known for infusing subtle humor into her work; painting ironic wig collections, female cultural icons, beauty treatments and unexpected fashion pieces.

Kevin Christy

As creative director of The Broken Wrist Project, Kevin Christy is involved in recognizing, recruiting and nurturing new artistic talent. Kevin graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, and has exhibited his work throughout North America and Europe.

Jeff Soto

Jeff Soto graudated with Disctinction from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA in 2002. A prolific artist, Jeff has explored a variety of topics including graffiti art and sophisticated environmental themes. His bold imagery reflects the relationship that humans have with the environment, with subtle commentary that invites speculation about the future.

Camille Rose Garcia

Inspired by artists like Henry Darger, Philip K. Dick and the vivid imagination of Walt Disney, Camille Rose Garcia revels in creating worlds rich in gothic imagery. She received her her BFA from Otis College of Art and Design and her Master of Fine Arts Degree at University of California at Davis.

Tim Biskup

Owner of the Bispop Gallery in Pasadena, CA, Tim Biskup is an accomplished fine artist whose work has been shown all over the world. Using complex color and design theories combined with a celebration of experimenation, Tim creates elaborate paintings, prints, sculptures and books sought by collectors worldwide.

Rob and Christian Clayton

Commonly known as “The Clayton Brothers,” Rob and Christian Clayton frequently collaborate to create paintings and elaborate installations. Their style, which has been described as post modern folk art, depicts densely layered storyboards and compelling narratives drawn from a variety of inspirational sources.

About Mark Murphy:

Mark Murphy is a kid who continually plays with broken crayons and dried out markers in the hopes of finding small spaces for creative freedom. His creative experience has featured collaborations with top artists including Mark Ryden, Joel Nakamura, Ray Caesar and hundreds of others.

Scribble.08 Art Documentary Trailer



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