Join us this coming Saturday, February 24 from 2-6pm as we celebrate a life lived to the fullest!!!

Shawn Mary Vezinaw Hosner
March 11, 1966 to February 14, 2024

This event is open to all, just like Shawn’s heart was.

At 4pm there will be a special reading of Shawn’s favorite song, followed by the release of a flock of white doves to help usher her spirit away.

This is not a memorial, this will be a party in her honor. Shawn stressed to me she wanted us happy and sharing fond memories of her, not mourning her. There will be an open bar and we will have tacos. There will be an alter, so please bring something to leave and honor her by.

This will all revolve around an art show that her husband Andrew is putting together to showcase the amazing life she led, so that all may get to know her like he did.

The evening’s soundtrack will be provided by Shawn, as she planned for this… so be sure to bring your dancing shoes, the good grooves will be flowing.

Memorial tattoos from her good friend GoopMassta featuring her iconic tarantula tattoo, a Hello Kitty head, the Grateful Dead dancing bear, the Zoso symbol from Led Zeppelin and a recycling symbol will be available to all who want a lasting memory from this special day.

We are working on some special surprises too. Hopefully Shawn is watching down over the proceedings and can help align the heavens to make them happen. 

Thinkspace Projects
4207 W. Jefferson Blvd.
4217 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Los Angeles 90016

We love you all. Shawn loved everyone. Please come help us say goodbye to one of the best humans that all of us have ever had the pleasure to know.

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