Liz Brizzi

piece by Liz Brizzi – featured artist in LAX/DTW at Inner State Gallery

LAX/DTW is only a few weeks away and the artists have been busy in their studios preparing for the show. This collaborative show with Inner State Gallery in Detroit, Michigan features 16×20 inch works from over 80 artists spanning the globe, including featured artists: Stephanie Buer and Liz Brizzi. The opening reception is Saturday, June 6th 7-10PM, and the exhibition will be on view through July 4th, 2015. For additional details please visit the Thinkspace Gallery website.

Enjoy the following peak of the ‘works in progress’ for LAX/DTW

artist stephanie buer Featured artist Stephanie Buer

James BulloughJames Bullough

Bec WinnelBec Winnel

Ken FlewellynKen Flewellyn

DalekJames Marshall (Dalek)

Sales for this special exhibition are going through Inner State, so please be sure to reach out to them to receive the preview. Contact them via

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