Studio visit with Mear One…

Went out to Echo Park last weekend to visit the studio of the legendary graffiti artist Mear One. Always fun catching up with Mear and during this visit, he was in the final stages of an epic piece immortalizing the one and only Jimi Hendrix. Measuring in at 6′ x 5′, this will be one of a series of pieces that will revolve around important figures in Mear’s life, in terms of inspiration and personal evolution.

Close up of the Hendrix piece coming together

One of Hendrix’ immortal stances given the Mear treatment

This piece is amazing in scope – I can’t wait for him to finish this series and debut them for all to relish in. Will be a good year, as he spends a good bit of time on these massive pieces, and there’s at least nine planned for this series I believe.

Initial sketch for the Hendrix tribute piece

One of the numerous sketch books littering his hilltop studio

Mear with his baby pet boa constrictor Magma (2 years old now)

Mear is in a constant state of creativity, and always seems to have at least a dozen huge works going at any given time. The above piece is all about rallying against authority and going up against the city…

The true impact of this piece is in the subtle details. The main character has just taken down a plane with his slingshot – very powerful the statement being made here.

Tools of the trade

A beautiful woven tapestry a friend made of his signature icon/logo

This one is all about the common man looting and taking back control of the Masonic Temple (found on our money due to the early beliefs of our gov’t) and what it represents to our founding fathers. Taking back our nation, Mear style.
Close up shot of the piece above

Shot of one of the many bookshelves in Mear’s home filled with inspiration.

This piece sums up many an artist’s hardship. All the time and money one puts in… often times doesn’t come back out right away.

Another massive work in progress. Mear’s been adding to this one on and off for a couple years now. There is SO much detail in this one…

Including this awesome portion featuring Jay-Z in the foreground…

The visit included a trip into one of Mear’s back rooms where a vast array of his live paintings are warehoused… if you haven’t seen Mear paint live, you have not witnessed what live painting can be. Be sure to swing by our ‘Culver City INVASION’ show this Sat to witness Mear painting for yourself. More details on that here.

Pretty much sums this piece up.
“The most powerful weapon in the world”
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