Sunset Junction recap… tons of new folks through the gallery this past weekend.

The annual Sunset Junction Street Fair went off this past weekend and to say it drew thousands out to the Silver Lake / Sunset Junction area would be an understatement… the crowds just kept coming all weekend long, bringing hundreds of new patrons through the gallery.

To help liven things up and to bring further attention and energy to the front of our gallery, we had Cannibal Flower regular Michael Pukac out doing some live painting. His live painting works are just stunning and only a shadow of his finished work – to get a look at that check out his site at Below is the first one finished up and drying next to his easel. Will definitely be doing more with Michael in the future in terms of live painting events, he just makes it look effortless and is a great guy on top of everything else, and folks really loved him.

The stage below was located about 50 ft. from our front door, so we had a constant pulse of live tunes pumping through our block all week long…
Also up the block from our gallery, Mear One was live painting and doing his thing, entertaining as he painted to the beats pumping out of the reggae truck and creating some beautiful works in the process… think he cranked out two each day to huge crowds…

Had to include the below pic, as was just a bit surreal to see this chap on the phone like nothing was up… turns out he was out promoting the ‘Body Works’ exhibit as it’s in it’s last week here in LA. Classic.

Pukac kept painting well into the evening and his 2nd creation of the day had folks talking, as it was just a great piece with a stunning concept behind it – how sick is the finished piece below?

…and below… WTF???

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