Coming This February: Roby Dwi Antono’s ‘EPOS’


Opening Reception:
Saturday, February 6 from noon to 6pm

On view February 6 – February 27, 2021

Roby Dwi Antono (b. 1990) is a surrealist painter based out of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. His visual language forms connections between classical renaissance paintings, futurism, and fantasy, and draws inspiration from science fiction and natural history.

“I would often say that my works contain a set of idioms which have very personal meanings to me. I leave some visual cues in my works which act as a melancholic conundrum, for my audiences to set their eyes and mind upon. I love it when people try to guess the message behind my works and in the end each person will have their own interpretation, which is good because it opens the way for another enriching dialogue between us. The human experience affects both the idea and visual aspect of my works.” – Roby Dwi Antono

Epos (from the Bahasa Language) / noun
ep·​os | \ ˈe-ˌpäs

An epic poem, or epope, is a lengthy narrative poem, ordinarily involving a time beyond living memory in which occurred the extraordinary doings of the extraordinary men and women who, in dealings with the gods or other superhuman forces, gave shape to the mortal universe for their descendants, the poet and his audience, to understand themselves as a people or nation.

Collector Preview will be shared on Monday, February 1 via our newsletter.

NEW LOCATION: 4217 W. Jefferson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA. 90016

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Self-Guided Virtual Tour of “Aloha, Mr. Hand”

January 9, 2021 – January 30, 2021

Thinkspace is pleased to present a virtual tour of group show inaugurating our new gallery space, “Aloha, Mr. Hand” Explore the exhibition and our new space from the comfort of your home with our self-guided tour here:

Virtual tour created by Birdman

Video Tour of “Aloha, Mr. Hand” at Thinkspace Projects

“Aloha, Mr. Hand”
Group Show inaugurating our new gallery space

On view January 9 – January 30, 2021

With 15 years and counting of success, in December, Thinkspace expanded from its current 2,200 square foot space in Culver City and more than double in size to a 4,500 square foot warehouse in the new Jefferson / La Brea arts district in the heart of Los Angeles. The dramatic change takes the gallery from the current 2,200 sq ft space to a brand new 4,500 sq ft space with 12 foot walls and 20 foot arched ceilings.

Explore this new space with a video tour of our inaugural show, “Aloha, Mr. Hand” featuring new works from our family of creatives.

We’re excited for the year ahead and trust what is coming from us is not to be missed.

Featuring new work from:
Anthony Hurd
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Huntz Liu
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Perez Bros
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Scott Listfield
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“If I’m here, and you’re here, doesn’t that make it our time?”
– J. Spicoli