Mahalo Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2017

Pow! Wow! has grown into an international movement bringing their vision of art and collaboration to cities around the world. Yet, it is Pow! Wow! Hawaii that has an electric energy that can’t be measured as the heart beats harder at home. We are honored to have taken part in Pow! Wow! Hawaii for the fourth consecutive year and we still have some amazing pieces available. Big mahalo to all that make Pow! Wow! Hawaii happen!

Redefined Media did a fantastic job capturing the weeklong event and what Pow! Wow! is really all about.

Video directed by Andrew Tran of Redefined.Media in collaboration with Cory Stephen Martin.
Additional Footage from Jonas Maon.

ODESZA – Kusanagi
Nomadic Firs – Cover Bombs (ODESZA Edit)
Steve Aoki – Just Hold On


Thinkspace Family artist, Sergio Garcia is known for his life-size and sometimes larger than life sculptures of hands and vices. Garcia has created these idle hands portraying various scenes mostly seen outside of the white walls of the gallery space garnering attention from collectors and celebrities. PROHBTD recently interviewed Sergio Garcia to dive deeper into his process.

Currently, Sergio Garcia will be exhibiting several new pieces this weekend at The 4th Annual ‘POW! WOW! Exploring The New Contemporary Movement’. To view more of Sergio Garcia’s work visit the Thinkspace Gallery website and view PROHBTD’s full interview with the artist on their site.

At Art Basel in Miami, you exhibited a giant ashtray with a cannabis joint that you titled A Little Conversation Piece. What is the conversation people should be having about cannabis?

It’s really a conversation piece about everything in America. It’s weird how [cannabis] is legal here, not there, this county yes, maybe that county. It gets to this point where it’s like, is it taboo to smoke out in the open? Where are we on this? Where are we with anything? When I was younger, there was more middle ground. It’s gotten so extreme that common sense went out the window. Especially with Donald Trump, it’s like, what are we doing now?

Sergio Garcia


Pow! Wow! Hawaii

Pow! Wow! Exploring The New Contemporary Art Movement is only a few days away and as of 2:00 pm our mainland feet will have touched the sweet island soil. We’re so excited to be returning back to paradise and working with the fantastic people behind Pow! Wow! Hawaii to curate our 4th exhibition at The Honolulu Museum of Art.

Check out the awesome press coverage our preview has received so far from…




Find out all the details about the opening on Sunday, February 12th via our Facebook event. Show your love for Pow! Wow! and the exhibition on the invite by hitting interested or going.

See you in Hawaii! 

“Jones Beach” by Matthew Grabelsky

POW! WOW! Founders Featured on NBC Asian America

Our friends and founders of POW! WOW! Hawaii (and beyond), Jasper Wong and Kamea Hadar, are featured on NBC Asian America’s new series Self-Starters. We’re thrilled to see them featured in this short documentary for the Self-Starters series, and are excited to be seeing them soon in February for The 4th Annual ‘POW! WOW! Exploring The New Contemporary Movement

Announcing The 4th Annual ‘POW! WOW! Exploring The New Contemporary Movement


Thinkspace and POW! WOW! present:

The 4th Annual ‘POW! WOW! Exploring The New Contemporary Movement’
As part of POW! WOW! Hawai’i 2017 (Feb. 12 – Feb. 17)

Opening Reception: Sunday, February 12 5-10PM
Special engagement on view through February 17

Honolulu Museum of Art School
1111 Victoria Street
Honolulu, HI 96814
*Across the street from the main museum

Thinkspace is honored to once again be exhibiting with the Honolulu Museum of Art School as part of this year’s POW! WOW! Hawai’i mural event.

For the fourth iteration of Thinkspace’s special exhibition ‘POW! WOW! Exploring the New Contemporary Art Movement‘ we have curated an exciting mix of established and up and coming artists from around the world.

This special exhibition will feature close to 100 local and international artists curated by Los Angeles-based gallery Thinkspace. In addition to the group show there will be a featured artist showcase from UK based artist Shok-1 and an installation from Oak Oak out of France. This massive group exhibition serves as a survey of the burgeoning New Contemporary Art Movement for art lovers on Oahu and the world over via social media, handpicked by one of the movement’s most prolific and respected galleries.

“With roots firmly planted in illustration, pop culture, comics, street art and graffiti, put quite simply the New Contemporary Art Movement is art for the people,” Thinkspace co-founder Andrew Hosner

Thinkspace sponsored POW! WOW! mural at the Honolulu Museum of Art: Cinta Vidal
Featured Artist: Shok-1
Installation from: Oak Oak
12×12 inch works from:
Aaron Li-Hill
Alex Garant
Alex Yanes
Amy Sol
Benjamin Garcia
Bob Dob
Brian Mashburn
Brooks Salzwedel
Candice Tripp
Carl Cashman
Christopher Konecki
Collin Van Der Sluijs
Craig ‘Skibs’ Barker
Dan Lydersen
David Cooley
David Rice
Derek Gores
Drew Leshko
Edwin Ushiro
Erik Siador
Fernando Chamarelli
Fuco Ueda
Henrik Aa. Uldalen
Ian Francis
Icy and Sot
James Bullough
James Marshall (aka Dalek)
James Reka
Jeff Gress
Jolene Lai
Jose Mertz
Joseph Martinez
Juan Travieso
Kelly Vivanco
Kohshin Finley
Kwanchai Moriya
Kyle Stewart
Linnea Strid
Lisa Ericson
Liz Brizzi
Liz McGrath
Low Bros
Luke Chueh
Mari Inukai
Martin Whatson
Mary Iverson
Matthew Grabelsky
Mike Egan
Molly Gruninger
Oak Oak
Patch Whisky
Peter Adamyan
Paul Barnes
Ricky Lee Gordon
Rodrigo Luff
Scott Listfield
Sean Lugo
Sean Mahan
Sebastian Wahl
Sergio Barrale
Sergio Garcia
Tara McPherson
Tati Suarez
Telmo Miel
Tran Nguyen
Wiley Wallace
Wooden Wave
Yok & Sheryo
Yosuke Ueno
For full details check out: