Opening Reception of Adam Caldwell’s ‘Dark Stage’ and Cinta Vidal’s ‘Gravities’

Adam and Cinta

The sky was orange from smoke on Saturday, July 23rd, a fitting backdrop for the opening of Adam Caldwell‘s ‘Dark Stage’ in Thinkspace Gallery’s main room. Caldwell’s latest body of work inspired by a collaboration with the Badelion Dance Troupe is rich in color, composition, and emotion. Those who attended the opening were treated to two live performances from the dancers that inspired Caldwell’s work and a few of the models could be spotted amongst the attendees.

In Thinkspace Gallery’s project room, Spanish artist Cinta Vidal exhibited new works for her first US-based solo show, ‘Gravities’. A collection of paintings reflecting the varied perspectives within the world we live in. During the opening reception, two prints from Cinta Vidal, a giclee of ‘Brutal Architecture’ and a print on wood of ‘Together Alone’ were available to those looking to take a bit of Cinta’s work home with them that night.

We invite you to come see the current exhibitions Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 6pm, on view until August 13th.

To view available work from the both shows please click the links below.

Adam Caldwell:
Cinta Vidal:

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Interview with Adam Caldwell for ‘Dark Stage’

Adam Caldwell Banner

Adam Caldwell’s latest exhibition ‘Dark Stage’ opened at Thinkspace Gallery, Saturday, July 20th and is on view through August 13th. The exhibition is a collection of works created in collaboration with the Bandelion Dance Troupe. In our interview with Adam Caldwell for ‘Dark Stage’, we dive deeper into the collaboration and his creative process.

SH: You share the inspiration for the show was you were, “looking for a way to imply and illustrate multiple levels of artifice and meaning. In fiction there are many examples of plays within plays, stories within stories, I wanted to explore that in painting.” Was there a singular moment that stirred that idea or was is a collection of realizations? Do you have a catalyst moment?
AC: It was a collection of various stories. The primary source is the writings of Jorge Luis Borges. His stories include fictitious authors, references to non-existent books, stories about stories, levels within fiction that ultimately imply our level of being readers outside the story.

Adam Caldwell Wrap

SH: How did you become introduced to the Bandelion Dance Troupe?
AC: I contacted many theater groups in the bay area and Bandelion was one of the first to contact me. I met the director Eric Kuypers and we understood each other right away. I was very lucky.

SH: Was there an aspect to this latest body of work and collaboration that surprised you? A difficulty you weren’t expecting?
AC: Initially, I had thought of actually writing a play and having the group do a sort of dress rehearsal that would then be used as a basis for paintings, but as we collaborated it became clear that an improvisational performance yielded greater opportunity for interesting figurative compositions.

SH: This collaboration took place over a few years, how did you coordinate it and would you tell other artists who may be intimidated by collaboration?
AC: Its been a lot of work to get everything together, but getting out of the studio and into the larger artistic community is a great way to break boundaries and get fresh inspiration. It’s crazy but I just asked and a lot of companies were interested immediately.

adam caldwell containment

SH: What is one of your favorite plays?
AC: I love “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead” by Tom Stoppard. It’s about two minor characters in Hamlet hanging around behind the scenes of the play and trying to figure out their roles and why they are there.

SH: You described the work as Caravaggio meets David Lynch, what Caravaggio painting do you think should inspire a David Lynch film?
AC: Any of the larger figurative works where there are multiple figures arranged in a tableaux. I guess it has the lighting of a Caravaggio and the weird action of a Lynch scene.

adam caldwell plato

SH: What does an awesome day in the studio look like?
AC: Lots of paint getting onto the canvas.

SH: What makes you return to the easel after a really awful day in the studio?
AC: Music, other people’s art, my teachers, the weight of the whole tradition behind me.

SH: What are a few of your favorite tools of the trade; paints, brushes, canvases?
AC: I love linen, new brushes, charcoal.

Adam Caldwell Red Stripe

SH: As an artist, when looking at other artists work, what moves you and excites you? What shows are you anticipating?
AC: I respond to work that is careful and then impulsive, and merges the two in a new way. I am looking forward to new Adrian Gehnie, Justin Mortimer, Alex Kanevsky.

To view all available works from the exhibition please visit the Thinkspace Gallery website here:

Juxtapoz interview Adam Caldwell

Adam Caldwell 'Pre-Established Harmony' - oil on canvas - 24x30 inches (2012)

Juxtapoz recently caught up with Bay Area artist Adam Caldwell as he laid the final touches to his new oil paintings for ‘Dirty Laundry’ set to open this Sat, August 4th at Thinkspace in the Culver City Arts District.

Favorite medium to work with?
Oil, I cannot stand the feel of acrylics. I know its toxic as fuck, but I am willing to die a little earlier if I get to paint with smooth, buttery, delicious oil paint.

Read the full Juxtapoz interview with Adam Caldwell here:

‘Dirty Laundry’
New works from Adam Caldwell and Brett Amory

Opening this Sat, August 4th at Thinkspace

Hi-Fructose visit the studio of Adam Caldwell

“An avid reader of philosophy, San Francisco-based painter Adam Caldwell is currently wrapping up a new series of paintings that visualize disaster. Though they depict literal explosions, war scenes and other maladies, the works allude to disasters of the metaphysical sort. For this series, Caldwell took an interest in Western culture’s conception of the mind and the body as two separate entities, painting the interiors of mental hospitals with a pastiche of pop culture artifacts and historical tidbits. The violent, busy works point to what the artist believes is a chaos that results from the artificial partition our culture creates in the human identity.” –

Check out their full studio visit here:

‘Dirty Laundry’
New works from Adam Caldwell and Brett Amory

Opens this Sat, August 4th at Thinkspace

Adam Caldwell at White Walls in SF this Sat, June 11th

Adam Caldwell 'Tragic Ground' - oil on canvas - 48x36" (2011)
Look for Adam Caldwell to be featured in our upcoming special exhibition at the University of Arizona this coming September. In the meantime, if you find yourself in the Bay Area this weekend be sure to catch the debut of over a dozen new works by this rising star at White Walls (while Aaron Nagel rocks things next door at Shooting Gallery). A great weekend to be up in SF!