Matthew Grabelsky Creates the Cover Art for Moby’s New Album “Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt”

We’re so excited to share the announcement for Moby’s new album,  Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt because Thinkspace Family artist Matthew Grabelsky was commissioned to do the album art. The new album from Moby features on the cover Grabelsky’s signature father and child on the subway composition, with the title of the album, reflected on the book the young calf is reading.

Visit Rolling Stone’s website for the full album announcement, and the Thinkspace Projects to view more works by Matthew Grabelsky.

Last year, Thinkspace Family artist Kevin Peterson was the album artist for Red Hot Chili Peppers Getaway. 

Music and art, they go together like the sun and the moon.



Kevin Peterson’s “Coalition II” Now Red Hot Chili Peppers’s Album Art

Kevin Peterson Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Kevin Peterson‘s “Coalition II” piece that was on view at the 20 Years Under The Influence Of Juxtapoz exhibition at The Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery in 2015, is now the album art for Red Hot Chili Peppers‘s upcoming release The Getaway. We can’t express our excitement for Kevin Peterson enough and all the new fans this massive partnership will garner. Mark your calendars for Kevin’s upcoming show with Thinkspace Gallery August 20th, exhibiting all new work in the galleries main room.

Visit the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’s website for more information on their June 17th album release.