Arrested Motion interview Allison Sommers…

The good folk over at Arrested Motion just posted a nice in-depth interview with VA based artist Allison Sommers

“When you look at her work, one would suspect that ‘detail’ could have been Allison Sommer’s middle name. You can’t help but move your head closer and closer to the painting and then shake it in disbelief at how meticulous her brushstrokes are. As a matter of fact, she often paints under a magnifying glass to make sure she gets the desired effect. What is even more amazing is her ‘story-telling’ does not suffer from this focus on details. Her paintings always seem to be a frozen moment in some epic adventure or strange circumstance that stimulates the viewer’s imagination.” – Arrested Motion

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Keep up on her happenings via her blog at:

Mark your calendars now: Allison’s debut LA solo show will take place with us May 2009

If you haven’t picked one up yet, we’ve still some copies left of Allison’s first print release (shown above). To grab your copy of the limited “Preflight” giclee print, click here:

Allison Sommers interviewed by WhiteHot + sneak peek at Basel piece…

The above work is Allison Sommer‘s contribution for our group show we’ll be putting on during Art Basel this December in Miami at the Gen Art Vanguard Fair. Sommers’ “The Expulsion” measures in at only 8×10″ on illustration board. Simply stunning the details she captures with a medium as delicate as gouche.

“Sommers’ recent work could fall under the category of fantastic art, such that it conveys dream-like, uncanny, and often grotesque depictions. Fantastic art borrows momentum from Mannerism, an older art genre characterized by spatial incongruity, exaggerated and elongated subjects, and an often disturbing lack of any clear perspective (think of European art at the height of the Renaissance). Indeed, Sommers admits that the “exaggerated pathos” in Mannerism is the primary inspiration behind her current work; in a larger sense, Sommers’ artwork seeks to culminate at the point where seriousness gives way to ambiguity. Her artwork is fascinating, enigmatic, and visually befuddling, illustrating a vivid binary of gravity and frivolity.”
– WhiteHot Magazine

Check out the full interview with WhiteHot here:

Keep tabs on Allison’s progress for her upcoming show with us via her blog:
Watch for more updates and sneak peeks from Allison’s upcoming solo show with us Spring 2009 to follow soon…