ARMSROCK: new works in / AM contest / Denmark Museum show…

AMRSROCK is busing working on his ‘Zeitgeist’ installation for a group show in the Vejle Museum of Arts in Denmark. “Street Art Inspiration” features Anders Reventlov Larsen, Asger Jorn, ARMSROCK, Björn T. Hansen, Clean, Ejnar Iversen, Frodo Mikkelsen, Huskmitnavn, Oeps Crew, René Holm, and Sören Behncke.
Opening on January 24th… see above and below for some snaps of ARMSROCK’s installation progress, as well as a shot of the sketches he used to plan out this large install/mural.

The folks over at Arrested Motion will be posting a lil’ recap of ARMSROCK work on the streets of Los Angeles (see image above) in the coming days… along with a nice lil’ contest to win an autographed copy of his book that was published by the Wooster Collective, ‘All My Friends Are Made Of Paper’… so keep an eye on their killer site for details.

We also just posted a great selection of smaller works from ARMSROCK, in addition to all the great work still on hand from last month’s ‘Mostly Memory’ exhibit with ELBOW-TOE. Check out the new works from ARMSROCK here.

Keep an eye on ARMSROCK via his blog at: