Anthony Pontius at Roq La Rue this Fri…

Anthony Pontius “Hotter Than Hell”
18×24″ – oil & graphite on panel

Anthony Pontius
‘The Casual Calamity’

Anthony Pontius’ debut solo show for Seattle’s Roq La Rue Gallery opens this Friday and he has delivered a beautiful new body of work for the show. We wanted to share some of the new works with you all, as we love Anthony’s work, and can’t stress enough how much his work needs to be viewed in person to be really appreciated. He has so many rich textures in his work and layer upon layer are built up to create his epic vision of a world gone wrong.
Read on below for more about Anthony’s work and be sure to keep an eye out for his Los Angeles solo with us next spring.
“Hotter Than Hell” (detail shot)

“The Crippled Crown” – 16×20″ – oil & graphite on panel

“The Fog Has Lifted” – 12×16″ – oil & graphite on panel

“The Golden Fawn Pt. III” – 20×16″ – oil & graphite on panel

“Stuffed and Staked” – 12×16″ – oil & graphite on panel

Gorgeously apocalyptic and subtly infused with a dark whimsy, Anthony Pontius uses a variety of media (mostly oils and pencil on wood panel) to create his haunted and stark landscapes that have a strange resonance to the unearthly works of Bosch, inhabited by strange creatures and degraded machinery. With narratives looking like the end of a bleak fairy tale that did NOT end happily ever after, the canvas is then splashed with streaks and blotches, and re-worked with pencil creating intricate scarred vignettes of ghostly words and images. Each painting is suffused with a smoggy, smothered glow that creates an evocative and enigmatic aura. Anthony will be showing 9 brand new paintings on wood panel, and 9 small graphite studies.

Opens this Friday, April 10th and on view through May 2nd

Check out the full exhibition here:

Roq La Rue Gallery
2312 2nd Ave in Seattle, WA