‘Artists Help Japan’ ebay auction (4 days left)…

Audrey Kawasaki's piece for 'Artists Help Japan'

The ‘Artists Help Japan’ auction is off and running on ebay. Curator Christina Conway came up with the idea of having the artists paint “emas” (traditional Japanese prayer plaques). 100% of the proceeds will benefit Give2Asia Earthquake and Tsunami 2011 Fund. You have until April 10, 2011 to bid.

Check out the works in the ‘Artists Help Japan’ auction here:

In addition to Audrey Kawasaki, the auction also features works from Amy Crehore, Fawn Fruits, Joel Nakamura, Kelly Vivanco, Aaron Meshon, Allison Sommers, Yoskay Yamamoto, Jeya, Zoe Williams, Lilly Piri, MALL, Axelhoney, Lorena Alvarez, Celene Petrulak, Amy Huddleston and X03.