‘Year of the Ox’ opens at GR2…

GR2 opened up their ‘Year of the Ox’ group show this past Saturday. I was out and about all over Los Angeles that day as I was taking around David MacDowell (in town for his show with us) and a friend/collector from the UK to all the galleries in LA. GR2 was somewhere in the mix, as we hit a total of 15 galleries throughout the day and into the eve on Saturday. Whew. Bit of a blur, but back to GR2

The show celebrated this year’s Chinese zodiac animal, the Ox. The show had a lot of variation and was pretty strong overall. The show roster included Bigfoot, Deth P. Sun, Amanda Visell, Luke Chueh, Michelle Valigura, David Horvath, Edwin Ushiro, Buff Monster, Joel Nakamura, Le Merde and many more. There was many a Paul Bunyan themed piece and overall the artists’ interpretations of the theme were pretty spot on.

Some of our favorites in the show:

Deth P. Sun

Luke Chueh

Martin Ontiveros


Amanda Visell

Buff Monster

Dan-ah Kim


Joel Nakamura

The show closes on April 15th – be sure to swing on through!

22062 Sawtelle Blvd in Los Angeles / 310.445.9276