Brooklyn Streat Art reviews Leon Keer’s new book “Break Glass In Case of Lost Childhood”

Leon Keer’s new book “Break Glass In Case Of Lost Childhood” is given an early valentine by Brooklyn Street Art Loves You More Every Day with love for how the book manages to hold onto the magic of Keer’s anamorphic art.

Looking through the various venues he creates with and within, you can find an imagination that fully entreats you to join in the fun. Whether they are street paintings. floor paintings, anamorphic rooms for you to pose in, experiments in augmented reality brought alive on your phone, enormous land art paintings, or oddly shaped painted canvasses, Keer is not keeping the fun to himself. You are the welcomed and necessary ingredient that will supremely complete the scene. – | LEON KEER: “BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF LOST CHILDHOOD”

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