New print from Brian M. Viveros available today – part of our ‘Shawn Forever’ series of fund-raising print editions

Excited to share details on a very special fund-raising edition available today from Brian M. Viveros. The original painting from Viveros was originally featured in our F Cancer benefit that we put together here in Los Angeles in March of 2023 in Shawn’s honor.

F Cancer Trooper‘ will only be available for 72 hours and then the edition will be closed forever.

The edition will then be printed by Static Medium and then Brian will head by Static Medium’s studios in downtown LA to sign and number the prints based on the quantity sold during the 72 hour sale period. Prints should be ready to ship by the end of April and we will be sure to keep all updated via our e-mail newsletter here and on our socials, as well.

Available TODAY (Friday, March 22) at 10am PST / 1pm EST via our web shop as part of a special 72 hour sale that will run through Monday, March 25th at 10am PST / 1pm EST. 

The edition will be based on the number of prints that sell during this period.


F Cancer Trooper
Special 72 hour timed edition
14 x 16 inches
35.6 x 40.6 cm
On Moab Entrada 290gsm
Each print is signed and numbered by the artist
Printed by Static Medium (Los Angeles)

Available TODAY (Friday, March 22) at 10am PST / 1pm EST via our web shop as part of a special 72 hour sale that will run through Monday, March 25th at 10am PST / 1pm EST. The edition will be based on the number of prints that sell during this period.

Please note that the prints will not appear on our web shop until time of release.

Shipping costs are additional and will be calculated during check out. Any customs or duty fees incurred, are not the responsibility of the gallery.

Sorry, no pre-sales are available.

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February Exhibitions featuring works from Ryol, Van Dam One, Paola Ciarska, Steve Martinez, and ‘NERDSTALGIA’ group show open this Saturday February 10, 2024

Thinkspace Projects presents:

Gallery I:
RYOL (aka Ryo Laksamana)
Stealing Drinks From A Drunk Rock Star

Gallery II:
DANNY J. MARTINEZ (aka Van Dam One)
Lost & Found

Gallery III:

Gallery IV:
NERDSTALGIA‘ group show
Curated by our own Ken Flewellyn

The Doghouse Gallery:

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 10 from 6-10pm

Plus be sure to also check out the Thinkspace Night Market located in the courtyard between our two spaces during our opening night festivities.

Live painting from 1440 + an artist mini-mart with booths from Miss Brixx, Alepsis Hernandez, Amy Smith, Fl.our Pots & Anthony Manorek’s vintage offerings + amazing grub from Zavala’s Pies + weed bar from The Cure Company + our open bar + free Liquid Death + coffee and warm drinks from the Mad Barista + video projections from Digital Debris Video Gallery + Venice Beats providing the soundtrack to the evening and shout out to GoopMassta for holding it all down in our courtyard!

On view February 10 thru March 2, 2024

Thinkspace Projects
4207 W. Jefferson Blvd.
4217 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90016

RYOL (aka Ryo Laksamana)
Stealing Drinks From A Drunk Rock Star
(Gallery I)

For our third solo exhibition together, the Indonesian artist Ryol has created a series of 12 paintings, ten of which see the artist re-imagining masterpieces from nine legendary artists. Through the lens of his distinctive style, this series of works explores the intersections between classical artistry and today’s dynamic cultural landscape. 

Ryol’s new works are quite different from his past works: in “Rain,” “Chupa Chups for You,” “Iced Tea,” “Half-Shredded Painting,” and “Man with a Parasol,” to name a few, he responded to popular culture products and phenomena. However, in some of his works in this new series, such as “Cats of Golconda,” we can experience both of these approaches when Magritte’s idea of human’s uniformity in 1953 meets Sanrio’s anthropomorphized animal characters, mainly the so-called Global Marketing Phenomenon, Hello Kitty. 

“Stealing Drinks From A Drunk Rockstar” is a cheeky nod to what he does: a joyous act of challenging perceptions and definitions of good art – if not art itself – by representing a moment from the great masters and toasting to the unending contemporary artistic expression. Ryol creates new situations and therefore a new set of invoked feelings and meanings for not only familiar, but iconic works. 

“Stealing Drinks From A Drunk Rockstar” serves as a playful reminder that the boundaries of creativity are fluid, and the echoes of the past can find resonance in the beats of the contemporary. Here Ryol skillfully employs humor and irony to break down the barriers that separate centuries, inviting the audience to witness the timeless conversation between art forms.

DANNY J. MARTINEZ (aka Van Dam One)
Lost & Found
(Gallery II)

Born in the South Suburbs of Chicago, IL, Danny J. Martinez (aka Van Dam One) is an artist whose work blurs the line between realism, illustration, cartoons, comics, and absurdity to create a blend of tangible surrealism that pulls the viewer into each piece. His work across different genres and mediums fuses together contemporary subjects with traditional mark making techniques that focus on both universal and individual understandings of the world. He uses this blend of surrealism as a means of self-discovery, drawing on his own experiences and the experiences of his community, to convey emotion and storytelling through multiple visual mediums.

(Gallery III)

Paola Ciarska revels, excites and rejoices in the unrestrained potential of imagination. Each miniature painting has a vast cast of female characters, living out a virtual fantasy from the comfort of their multi-room domiciles. The viewer is turned into a voyeur, spying on the indulgent private moments and left to try and discern just what is going on.

The paintings have a physical presence that far exceeds their small scale. Each work is packed with painterly detail. Rooms are filled with the trinkets of modern life, decorated with reproductions of modern masters and adorned with fairy-lights, all set against psychedelic (and mildly suggestive) patterned backgrounds. Ciarska enjoys the labour of a marathon painting session, getting lost in the haze of its intricate, obsessive application.

NERDSTALGIA‘ group show
Curated by our own Ken Flewellyn
(Gallery IV)

“Stoked to announce my new curated exhibit ‘Nerdstalgia!’ For those of y’all that know me, I’m nerdy AF. To this day I still play dungeons and dragons weekly like that 15 year old looking for a magical escape. After the pandemic, catching up with a lot of artists, I was excited to hear how many took refuge in nerdy pursuits of their past. I decided then, I wanna see the nerd origin story that shaped the artist they are today.” – Ken Flewellyn (Thinkspace Projects director)

‘Nerdstalgia’ will showcase new works from over 30 incredible artists, all mind melding with their inner nerd.

Featuring new work from:
Jon Ching
Anthony Clarkson
L. Croskey
Risa Culbertson
Emily Ding
Alex Face
Ken Flewellyn
Jacub Gagnon
Sergio Garcia
Matthew Grabelsky
A.L. Grime
Andrea Guzzetta
Cody Jimenez
Jolene Lai
Scott Listfield
Huntz Liu
Jeremie Marie
Marie-Claude Marquis
Mr. B Baby
Dustin Myers
Alvaro Naddeo
Francesca Quintano
Juan Manuel Sanabria
Zachary Schoenbaum
Floyd Strickland
Jane Tardo
The Obanoth
Madeleine Tonzi
Brian M. Viveros
Mark Waldman
Casey Weldon
Jasper Wong

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(The Doghouse Gallery)

Long beach native Steve Martinez is a fine artist, muralist, photographer, and graphic designer. His contemporary work deals with the discourse between the symbolic and the realistic within daily urban life. The thread of Mayan symbols and hieroglyphs—both representative of Martinez’s history and culture—is inescapable in his work, always connecting the present to the past by uplifting, preserving, and honoring a significant layer of meaning and identity.

Photo Tour of Brian M. Viveros’ “Mania” and Motelseven’s “Waiting For Atlantis”

Thinkspace presents a photo tour of Brian M. Viveros’ “Mania” in Gallery I and Motelseven’s “Waiting For Atlantis” in Gallery II.

All exhibitions are on view at Thinkspace Projects now through November 19, 2022.

Photos by Birdman.

New Prints from Brian M. Viveros Available Now at Thinkspace Shop

“Lonely Bull” is one of the more iconic works featured in MANIA from BRIAN M. VIVEROS and we just knew we had to have this be one of the first print editions published from his new show. For each solo exhibition, Viveros always does a new version of his iconic Bull-Fight-Her heroine. This is his largest scale full body matador to date and showcases a real matador jacket from the 1930’s that is in Brian’s personal collection of ephemera. 

We have also published a special framed edition of “Lonely Bull” at a larger size, that comes in a deluxe walnut frame with gold matte and UV Plexi. With only 12 produced, these are sure to go fast.

We’re also excited to offer “Vengeance Lucha Bat” as a limited edition giclee print. This piece recalls Brian’s mania over Batman as a kid. This kickass Lucha Bat Warrior pays homage to the OG blue and black bat suite and early MEGO toys.

The team over at Static Medium did an incredible job recreating these gems from Viveros. We are all thrilled with the final products and are confident that you will be, too.

Lonely Bull
Standard Edition of 66
Giclee print on Moab Entrada 290gsm paper
18 x 27 inches / 45.7 x 68.6 cm
Signed and numbered by the artist
Printed by Static Medium

Vengeance Lucha Bat
Edition of 66
Giclee print on Moab Entrada 290gsm paper
20 x 20 inches / 50.8 x 50.8 cm
Signed and numbered by the artist
Printed by Static Medium

Edition of 50
One inch, five color enamel pin

Shipping costs are additional and will be calculated during check out. Any customs or duty fees incurred, are not the responsibility of the gallery.

Available now at Thinkspace Shop.

Interview with Brian M. Viveros for his upcoming exhibition ‘Mania’ opening Saturday, October 29 at Thinkspace Projects

Thinkspace Projects is thrilled to present Brian Viveros’s ‘MANIA‘. The CA-based artist best known for his highly detailed paintings of anti-pin-up doe-eyed ‘Woman of Power’ and his Dirtyland universe brings an entirely new body of work to the gallery.

MANIA is a tribute show, it’s a personal show, and it’s a bit of a journey taking viewers back in time to the things Viveros obsessed over as a kid, the things that ultimately drove the MANIA inside of him.

Our interview with Brian M. Viveros reveals stories behind the work, covers reflections on his artistic career, and provides a recommendation for the perfect spot to kick off a taco tour in San Diego.

MANIA pays tribute to the cultural influences that you obsessed over and inspired you in your youth, pulling references from various objects within your life – can you share any memories or anecdotes that directly tie to one of the pieces? 

Shhhure. One story that comes to mind is with the Conan the Barbarian tribute piece I did for this show entitled ‘Barbarian.’ It’s kind of a messed up story, but funny – here it goes. I was 8 years old, and Conan comics were a big part of my life and my dad was a collector of Conan and everything  Frazetta.  I remember being in class & being called to the office, which at that time was a scary thing (push play on scary music theme now HA!) but back then, when you got called to the principal’s office, it was not good. They had told me a family member had passed away and that my father was outside waiting for me in the car. When I got to the car, I was kind of sad and confused and asked my Dad, who passed away, and he said, ‘nobody,’ we’re going to see Conan the Barbarian it opened today, and I was like…. hell Yeahh!!!

This show was an exercise in pushing yourself out of your comfort zone; what did that look like for you when developing this body of work? What new techniques did you develop? Were there any valuable failure moments? 

Good question my friend; it actually had a lot to do with the size of the new location of your gallery. I felt this need and urge to go big and try new things. Sometimes space will do that to you. For me, I tend to plot things out in my mind and hold onto ideas for shows and hopefully, they’ll come to fruition. I’ve had this idea for a while about doing a MANIA show that would be a bit of a tribute show, and throwback to things that really moved me or I obsessed on as a kid. I even went back to using and incorporating some older mediums like spray paint for backgrounds and doing a set of pieces in gouache and watercolors. A lot of your readers may not know this but straight out of high school I opened the first graffiti hip-hop shop in the IE (Inland Empire) I was into spray painting and selling all the gear at that time in 93’. Anyhow, I brought back the can and cutting stencils for patterns, and things I use to do is now full circle with this set. As an artist, you grow and make mistakes in creating, its a good fuck up, and try something different & see what happens. Sometimes its a happy accident and sometimes it’s not, but you learn from it and move on

People feel extremely connected to your work, getting tattoos and dressing up as the women you paint for opening exhibitions. Has there been a fan experience or collector encounter that has really stuck with you? 

I think it was the last show we did, ‘Tougher Than Leather’ a friend of mine, Christina Preiss, showed up in a  full-on detailed head-to-toe Dia de Los Muertos Day of the Dead costume, and it just looked so RAD in the gallery. It created this awesome energy that night in the room. Something I’ll never forget and the people loved it

MANIA is your 7th solo exhibition with Thinkspace. Does this exhibition feel different, or do you have a similar emotional experience ahead of any show? 

Feels a little different for me this time around just because the work is on a different level now. Thus far, with my  DirtyLand ‘Woman of Power’ pieces, all the ones I’ve done throughout the years, it’s been about letting the viewer tell the story about these characters I’ve created. With MANIA, I’ve taken the narrator role, steering the Dirty-ship and taking you, the viewer, on a very personal journey.

When first developing your artistic voice, you wanted to ensure you had a distinct style that made it so if anyone saw one of your pieces; they immediately would know it was a Viveros – over your career, have you found the choices you made in the initial development to have been limiting or liberating? 

In the initial development, I was focused on just the smoking thing, and the red rose thing and giving my girls a certain signature look with the eyes and teardrop tattoo and this anti-pinup Dirty world I was creating where all the girls would be tough warriors, survivors sporting helmets & headgear.  I feel liberated in the sense that it’s no longer just about that. You still know it’s a Viveros without those specific elements. I’ve been doing it so long, and early on it was all about just the smoking with helmets, but it’s progressed –  I’ve progressed. The DirtyLand no longer needs cigarettes and red roses for you to know it’s a Viveros. It’s like my audience has grown with me and I’m always thankful for them and their support and growing with my art.

If you could have any skill or topic downloaded into your brain, what would you want to be able to do/ be an expert at?

That’s an easy one for me – filmmaking, and that’s where I’m headed

If you could collaborate with any artists in any medium (i.e. movies, music, fashion), who would you collaborate with, and what would you be making?

I’d love to collaborate with Guillermo Del Toro or Alejandro Jodorowsky on a film. We would be making a surreal revenge film with a twist of sci-fi and horror. The main character would be a kick-ass chick, of course>;-)

Who are some women from cinema, pop culture, or literature who you think embody the qualities of the women in your work? 

Some kick-ass women that come to mind that embody the qualities of my women would be Ripley from Alien, Sarah Connor from Terminator and Furiosa from Mad Max Fury Road, Spanish Flamenco Dancer Carmen Amaya, Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Blondie

What are qualities of significant women in your life that you admire and wish came more naturally to you?

Being a little more grounded for sure. I tend to be off in DirtyLandia land all the time. My mind is always racing and thinking, and now in my forties, I’m trying not to overthink shit so much and care so much. I think that happens in your forties HA!

You’re a big fan of tacos. If you could take 5 people, dead or alive, on a taco tour, who would be on the guest list, where would you go, and what would be ordered?

TACOMANIA!!!!! The five people I would take out for tacos in a taco van with a painted taco mural would be H.R. GIGER, The Beastie Boys – does that count as three ha!, Mike Dirnt he loves tacos like I love tacos, Picasso, and Bjork maybe that’s more than five we would drive to SALUD! in San Diego & few other hole in the wall spots in SD and sample all the tacos they offer. Always gotta try every places’ carnitas taco because they’re all so different. Then we’d all get drunk and have a break dancing contest on the street with LC DJing in the van Ha!

Opening on Saturday, October 29, from 6 – 11 pm with DJ’s Venice Beats, open bar + free drinks from Liquid Death, video projections from Digital Debris, installations from Balloonski, a vape bar from our friends at Timeless, live painting from Allison Bamcat, photo op props from GoopMassta, Day of the Dead stilt walkers, grub from The Roll N’ Bun + a Halloween costume contest with $500 top cash prize + loads of runner up prizes!!!

FREE poster commemorating ‘MANIA‘ given away to the first 200 patrons through the doors!

Exhibitions on view October 29 – November 19, 2022