Two New Hand Embellished Editions from Brian Viveros Coming This Friday

Brian Viveros Print

Thinkspace Edition’s is excited to announce two brand new limited fine art editions from Brian M. Viveros coming this week. The first will be a hand-embellished and framed edition of his iconic ‘Fearless’ painting, which was featured at our sold out show with him this past March during SCOPE New York. The other will be a larger edition of ‘Viva Vaudeville’, which is taken from his sold out solo show from last November with Thinkspace Gallery.

Both editions are scheduled to be released this Friday, July 8th at 10am PST via this purchase link:

Shown above and below are images of Viveros embellishing ‘Fearless’. This special edition is bound to become his most sought after collectable, having more work completed by the artist’s hand than any previous print edition, making each a truly unique one-of-a-kind piece. There are only 33 unique and hand-embellished prints in this edition and each also comes matted and framed to Viveros’ exact specifics and high standards.

Brian Viveros Print

Brian Viveros Print

Brian Viveros Print

Brian Viveros Print

Brian Viveros Print

Brian Viveros Print

Brian Viveros Print

– Gold leaf paint added to really make each print shine, added into specific areas to really pop things off and bring this print to life.

– Color pencil throughout to add more fine detail and outlining, creating a nice glow.

– Subtle use of airbrushing to add shading and even more richness in color & depth to the image, going over the eye area, lips & red cape specifically, making the red really rich and just bleed off the print.

– Hand cut stencils used throughout, for added texture and depth.

– Each print includes a special stenciled DirtyLand character.

– Comes custom framed / hand picked matte & molding by the artist.

Final framed image to follow this Friday.

“I’m putting a lot of focused energy and time into each one of these ‘Fearless’ prints. It means a lot to me to give my fans something really special. This is an important piece in my career, taken from my sold-out SCOPE NYC show and was one of my largest paintings to date. It screamed hand embellishing to me, so I’m excited to put everything I got into each one of these. For the ultimate Viveros collector, this is a truly a one of a kind piece to own.  Each one different from the last, but each one screaming strong and ready for their new homes. Stay Fearless My Friendzzz.” – Brian Viveros

Brian Viveros
18×24 inches (45.7×60.9cm)
Framed Dimensions of 24×30 inches (60.9×76.2cm)
Giclee print on 300gsm stock
Hand embellished by Viveros
Hand signed and numbered by Viveros
Edition of 33 framed & embellished prints
Printed by Static Medium (Los Angeles, CA.)
Framed by Sherman Gallery (Marina Del Rey, CA.)

$600 each (plus shipping)

Hand embellishing by Viveros includes:
Gold Leaf paint
Gold acrylic paint
Oil pastels
Airbrushed highlights
Custom hand-cut stencils used throughout
Color Pencils

Acrylic paints

Grab yours THIS FRIDAY, July 8 at 10AM PST here:

Brain Viveros Viva Vaudeville Print
Brian Viveros
‘Viva Vaudeville’
16×21 inches (40.6×53.3cm)
Giclee print on 300gsm stock
Hand signed and numbered by Viveros
Edition of 125
Printed by Static Medium (Los Angeles, CA.)

$200 each (plus shipping)

Grab yours THIS FRIDAY, July 8 at 10AM PST here:

Brain Viveros Viva Vaudeville Print

PLEASE NOTE: There are no pre-sales of any kind, no special requests for a certain number, no in-person sales or pickups, and no holds.

Our online shop only accepts PayPal for payment. Please be sure your PayPal address is current. We will ONLY guarantee shipping to the address associated with your PayPal account. No exceptions, so please take a moment to look at your account before next Friday and verify all is current for us. We will ship worldwide. Thank you.
Get ready Dirty Troops!  

Arrested Motion’s Preview of New Work from Brian Viveros for Scope NY

Arrested Motion - Scope Preview

Want more Viveros? Arrested Motion has a great preview of new work from Brian Viveros for Scope NY opening this Thursday, March 3. Please visit the Thinkspace website  for additional information regarding Scope and Arrested Motion for additional Viveros images.

His first showing on the East Coast since 2012 will include new paintings and charcoal drawings that continues to take his Dirtyland imagery to the next level like his last show in Los Angeles with the attention to detail, cross pollinations of themes, and fresh palette. – Arrested Motion

Brian Viveros Preview

Preview of Brian Viveros’ New Work for Scope NY up on Hi-Fructose

HI Fructose

A man or machine, we ask ourselves this as less than six months later Brian Viveros is at it again with a new body of work for Scope NY. You will find a vibrant preview of the show up on now, Viveros playing with a new color palette and pushing the details in his work.

The helmet represents strength to Viveros who flips the roles previously given to men in traditional portraiture, and replaces them with tough women. – Hi-Fructose

Brian Viveros

‘Culver City INVASION’ previewed in today’s LA Times…

Our ‘pop-up’ show during the Culver City Art Walk, ‘Culver City INVASION’, was previewed in today’s LA Times (scan of article above). The article can be viewed online here as well.

Advance press previews have also run via Juxtapoz (here) and SlamXHype (here). Word is out. Please roll on through Culver City this Saturday, it’s going to be going off from end to end with all sorts of added extras about the Walk and at all the participating galleries.

Brian Viveros’ “Fight Klub” featured in this Saturday’s ‘INVASION’ show
“With featured artist Ekundayo showing with Thinkspace Gallery during this 4th annual Culver City Artwalk, you know it’s gonna be a good time.” – JUXTAPOZ
“With featured artist Ekundayo, plus works from a wide selection of the gallery’s artists, this is sure to be a great event.” – SLAMXHYPE

View a ‘sneak peek’ of some of the other works from the show here.

An interview with Brian M. Viveros…

“Godless Mess” – 30×38″
An interview with Brian M. Viveros

“The erotic artwork of Brian M. Viveros is a satisfying cross between the Varga Girls and the surrealist renderings of Hans Bellmer. At once playful, hypersexual and erotic, there is also something darkly engaging in Viveros’s images. While he’ll play up the demon aspects of the Femme Fatale, or the depravity lurking just beneath the surface of the innocent girl, he does so with a sense of awe – as if honoring what’s ‘dangerous’ in the erotic female form, not fearing it or degrading it.” – Marilyn Jaye Lewis, editor The Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography
“Godless Mess” close up

Portrait of the artist

Please talk a lil’ bit about the general idea/vibe behind your new series of works for “Southern” at Last Rites Gallery out in NYC.
Keeping the vibe STRONG and DIRTY homie, just the way we like it. Worked on a new special ‘Dirtyland’ piece for the show and she will be representing my Southern Arm-me of smokin’ troops who will be marching there way into Last Rites Gallery in NYC on May the 9th.

“Viva Rose” receiving the finishing touches…

“Faithless” getting ready for battle…

Are you reading anything right now?
I just started reading “The Story of the Eye” by Georges Bataille.

“Protect Yourself” close up…
Favorite artist (living or dead) and what makes them special to you?
My favorite Artists are H.R. Giger, Picasso, Schiele, Beardsley, Warhol, and Frazetta. An inspiration to me every time I see there work. They are the magic six. My favorite directors are Maya Daren, Fernando Arrabal, Werner Herzog, Alejandro Jorodowsky. These filmmakers inspire me to work harder.

“Hang Over” – 16×20″
Do you listen to music while painting/drawing? If so, do you have a current favorite that inspires?
Yes, and play films. When I work I usually have both going on at the same time. The list of music is all over the place, I dig it all from strange sounds to noise and just beats. But lately, I guess my go to right now is Godspeed You Black Emperor.

“Southern” – collaboration with Matthew Bone – 24×30″

You collaborated with Matthew Bone, whom you are sharing the exhibit with at Last Rites, on a special piece I hear. How did that come about?
We were smoking outside and shootin’ the shit and we just thought it would be a cool and fun idea to collaborate on something special for the people of NYC and the exhibition. I’ve always been a fan of Matt’s work, so for me this was quite an honor. The piece is self titled “Southern” and it was a lot of fun. There will be a Limited Edition Signed and numbered Giclee print of this collaboration available at the exhibition just to give everybody the heads up.

“Evil Eye” – 14×26″
We are very much looking forward to hosting your debut Los Angeles solo show next fall. What have you got coming up in the meantime in terms of shows after “Southern”?
After the “Southern” exhibition I’m taking a break with my little devil and then back into the studio where I’ll start preparing the new arm-me for my show at Copro Gallery in January.
“Southern” DVD (regular edition)

“Southern” overview:
Blanketed by a fog of troubling eroticism and violence, “Southern” is an experience of primordial sights, sounds, and sentiment. Brian Viveros and Eriijk Ressler release the fragmented visions that haunt deep within our collective psyche. “Southern” has taken the “Dislandic aesthetic” from poetic desolation to a symphonic saturation of the senses. Multiple viewings lead to new insights not only of story but also of the self. Through “Southern”, Eriijk and Brian return cinema to the unclean.

The show’s title is “Southern”, named after your recent short film of the same name. Do you hope this connection inspires your fans to check out your other creative side – film?

I hope so, I mean it’s definitely a part of me and it’s something I’m very passionate about and will continue to do ’till the day I die. Sometimes painting just isn’t enough, there are always ideas and dreams ya’ know that need to get out of this f*cked up head of mine and this is just another way of expressing my Art through making surreal films.
The show will also feature a special screening of “Southern”.The film is just magically dark. Many props Brian. How would you go about describing / setting this film up for someone who is about to view it / curious about it?
Two hits of acid and call me in the morning – kidding – hahaha or maybe not. Umm, “Southern” is really an experience of primordial sights, sounds, and sentiment with visions that haunt deep within our collective psyche. Trip out!

What are you doing right after this interview?
Smoking two cigarettes and having a beer. Here’s to all the readers brutha’ – cheers!
The ‘Southern’ DVD will be available at Last Rites Gallery along with an exclusive Limited Edition Giclee print of “DirtyLand IV” and his collaboration with Matthew Bone, “Southern”.
Be sure to check out our studio visit with Viveros here.
Look for a very limited edition, hand-touched giclee of “Mess With The Bull” to be issued soon through us (more details announced soon).
Keep tabs on Viveros here and check out Bone’s work here.


Brian M. Viveros + Matthew Bone
Last Rites Gallery
511 W. 33rd St, New York City