Case Mural at Vitality & Verve III: Transforming the Urban Landscape

Over the last two decades, Case has mastered the ability to translate the complex detail, and graceful movements of humans and our hands in photorealistic murals and art pieces. A majority of his work focuses on the hands, as they hold the symbolic meaning of “power” and “unity,” but more so represent the universal language that exists within a hand gesture. An ability to communicate that transcends words, Case not only paints compositions but an emotional language, which all can understand if open to it.

Click through Case Maclaim’s mural for Vitality & Verve III: Transforming the Urban Landscape at the Long Beach Museum of Art opening this weekend.

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Vitality and Verve III” is the third iteration of the collaborative series curated by Thinkspace Projects with the support of POW! WOW! Long Beach for the Long Beach Museum of Art, and will be featuring ephemeral murals and installations from Bordalo II, CASE, Evoca, Sergio Garcia, Herakut, Hush,
Jaune, Leon Keer, Koz Dos, Spenser Little, Fintan Magee, Dennis McNett, Drew Merritt, Michael Reeder, RISK, SEEN, Amy Sol, Super A, Juan Travieso, Dan Witz and Lauren YS

The Long Beach Museum of Art presents:
Curated by Thinkspace with support from POW! WOW! Long Beach

On View June 30, 2018 thru September 9, 2018 at:

Long Beach Museum of Art
2300 East Ocean Boulevard
Long Beach, CA. 90803