Colossal Features Thinkspace Family Member – Matthew Grabelsky

Colossal the art and culture website features Thinkspace Family member Matthew Grabelsky’s in a piece titled, Surreal Paintings by Matthew Grabelsky Take the New York City Subway for a Wild Ride.  

“New York City is sometimes affectionately (or disaffectionately) referred to as a “concrete jungle,” but for Los Angeles-based artist Matthew Grabelsky it’s more of a big cageless zoo. ” – Colossal

The article features a collection of Grabelsky’s work with anthropomorphic subway riders, but for LAX / PDX II Grabelsky’s introduces a new direction with his latest piece “55th Street & 7th Avenue” which features a black bear taking to the streets of NY.

We’re excited to see Matthew Grabelsky’s world expand as he works towards his solo exhibition at Scope Miami this December.

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Marco Mazzoni Featured on Colossal


Online arts and culture magazine Colossal recently featured Thinkspace family artist Marco Mazzoni’s recent works. We’re excited to being having another solo exhibition with the talented Italian artists coming up in early 2017. Fall into Mazzoni’s colored pencil entanglements and enigmatic drawings in Colossal’s full post.

Marco Mazzoni (previously here and here) creates works that at first lead the viewer astray, appearing as bouquets or nests until one notices fins protruding from the flora that sprawls across his Moleskine sketchbooks. Some works concentrate on small groups of animals while others serve as finely drawn “I Spy” collages, as he incorporates camouflaged toads and birds into lush, textured gardens. – Colossal