DABS MYLA meet The Canmans – in stores now

The Canmans are a series of vinyl figures focused on graffiti artists and the art of collecting spray paint cans. There are 2 editions of the Canmans, the Artist Editions and the Blank Editions. The Artist Edition features limited edition Canmans that have been designed by some of the world’s most prolific graffiti artists. The artist edition series for The Canmans are based on vintage spray paint cans that were once widely used and are now long gone but fondly remembered.

DABS MYLA‘s Canman pays homage to this concept. They have chosen a well known vintage Australian paint can, and have added their flavor over it.

Other artists in the 1st series include Revok, Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins and Pose. Each Canman is limited to 500 pieces worldwide.

Check out more on the series via the links below:

DABS MYLA on the streets of London

DABS MYLA continue their non-stop take over of the world as they come off the Moniker Art Fair in London, England and bestow two beautiful works to the streets of London before taking off for Paris. The mural below is in collaboration with London’s very own Remi/Rough.

Look for more from DABS MYLA in Los Angeles soon…


DABS MYLA’s ‘The Fastest Way To Smoking Pleasure‘ at Moniker Art Fair

Finished view of DABS MYLA’s ‘The Fastest Way To Smoking Pleasure‘ install from this year’s Moniker Art Fair over in London, England (that comes to an end today).

We’ll post some shots here in the coming days of the new street pieces the duo put up while in London. Now they travel off to mainland Europe for more adventures… watch for an update here soon.

DABS MYLA at Moniker Art Fair this weekend in the UK

DABS MYLA "Head To Toe" - acrylic on panel (2011)

“The artist installation we are creating for the Moniker Art Fair is going to be a little different from any of our past installations. We are working on giving the installation a lot of depth, playing with our usual aesthetic and ideas of creating a small wonderland of our imagination for people to visit and interact with.

We really hope that we can create a unique experience for people, and give them the feeling like they are walking into one of our paintings by using more three-dimensional sculptural works. The installation will include a collection of colorful characters in the form of large cigarettes, an over sized cigarette pack, wood cut outs of clouds of smoke smiling over the viewers and a collection of furniture and fond items, all hand painted.” – DABS MYLA

DABS MYLA at work on their install for the Moniker Art Fair

Their part in the Moniker Art Fair will also include a print release for “I Thought Of This Before” that was featured in their recent sold-out solo show with us this past August.

Catch DABS MYLA’s ‘The Fastest Way To Smoking Pleasure‘ presented by Moniker Projects at project space #1 at this year’s Moniker Art Fair from October 13th – October 16th.

Moniker Art Fair
Village Underground @ 54 Holywell Lane in Shoreditch, London EC2A 3PQ

Keep up with DABS MYLA at www.dabsmyla.com and look for more from them Stateside with us soon!