Brian M. Viveros Interviewed by LA Taco


Online magazine LA TACO covers the best in art, music, events, and of course tacos. They recently interviewed Thinkspace family artist Brian M. Viveros; who last November released his first book Dirtyland with Thinkspace Editions.  The book covers his extensive body of work over the last ten years and is still available on Thinkspace’s online shop. Jump over to LA Taco’s website for the full interview discussing Dirtyland, smoking habits, and Viveros’s favorite place for tacos.

“It was AWESOME! When Thinkspace hit me up with the offer to publish my first art book, it was truly a dream come true for me. I’ve always wanted to do a book, and we both knew I had more than enough work and content to fill its pages, but I wanted to present something really special for the fans.” – Brian Viveros