Ending SOON! Giorgiko’s ‘Dark Matter’ ends Sunday and Sentrock’s ‘The Boy Who Wanted to Fly’ comes to a close in February

Last chance to catch Giorgiko‘s ‘DARK MATTER’ exhibition at the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum in Mesa, Arizona! On view through Sunday January 29, 2023.

Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum
One East Main Street
Mesa, Arizona 85211

Giorgiko’s ‘Dark Matter’

‘DARK MATTER’ explores the invisible forces behind the decisions we make and the narratives we create. The dark matter hypothesis proposes that 85% of all matter in the universe is unseen. Astronomers have observed that galaxies seemingly do not have enough mass to account for the gravitational forces needed to hold them together in clusters. However, there is evidence of a nearly undetectable, or “dark”, matter that generates binding forces in the universe while remaining a complete mystery.

In this body of work, Giorgiko plays with the idea that a significant percentage of our lives may be made of a different “dark matter” — one of untold stories, hidden agendas, and powerful feelings — which plays an equally significant force on our lives and our relationships with others. With so much unknown, what is perceived with the senses may only reveal a part of the story. Through this exhibition, we invite viewers to consider what we really know, what we don’t, and the mystery that holds us all together when, theoretically, we should be flying apart.

Sentrock in front of ‘I’m Still Listening’

Sentrock‘s first solo museum exhibition ‘The Boy Who Wanted To Fly‘ is closing on Sunday February 12, 2023 so while you still have a couple of weeks left please make sure to visit the Elmhurst Art Museum.

Elmhurst Art Museum
150 Cottage Hill Avenue
Elmhurst, Illinois 60126

(630) 834-0202

For this exhibition, Sentrock presents a new signature mural in the galleries as well as animated video projections, a ten-foot-tall sculpture, a life-size birdhouse installation, paintings, and works on paper that reveal narratives about the Bird City Saint character, and its origins in the artist’s biography. The exhibition, across numerous galleries, will explore the dreams of a little boy living in an urban environment, the importance of his Mexican-American community, and why the boy has a bird mask.