Press love for our March exhibitions…

Matthew Feyld “Untitled (Three Men)”
Matthew Feyld combines fantasy, reality, and optically operative patterning into a new series of super-flat, cartoonish paintings that could easily be the result of South Park animators taking down Victor Vasarely at a Cut&Paste tourney. In the project room, Virginia’s David MacDowell goes hog-wild on his peculiar vision of a jumbled-up American culture, wherein movies, music, strange characters, and politics are all complicit in the violent surrealism of modern life — as well as in the crisp hyper-realism of his own graphically dense painting style.” – Shana Nys Dambrot / Flavorpill
A great interview with Matthew was posted a bit back, leading into this show, that I never posted by The Lumper. Check it out here.

David MacDowell “All Works and No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy”
Press love for our March exhibitions…