New Print from Matthew Grabelsky’s Underground Exhibition

Matthew Grabelsky’s Underground exhibition received a great response and we’re thrilled to release our first print with the artist. This foxy print 18 x18 inch print “Franklin Street” is now available on as an edition of 30. Each giclee print is on archival cotton rag paper and signed by the artist. Unfortunately, if you were not able to make it the opening and view Grabelskys full body of work please visit our recap of the opening reception and the Thinkspace Gallery website.

Matthew Grabelsky Print

Grabelsky’s works depict couples on subways, often nonchalantly reading magazines or newspapers, but the male figures in these dyads are strange, quasi-mythological human hybrids with animal heads. Deer, bears, elephants, tigers, and everything in between, make a suited appearance in rush hour. By contrasting the platitudes of the day-to-day with the presence of the extraordinary and unlikely, Grabelsky stages the unexpected within the most unassuming of circumstances.