The love from Juxtapoz for ‘From The Streets Of Brooklyn’ continues in this month’s issue…

Our absolutely epic ‘From The Streets Of Brooklyn’ show is now sadly over, but the love from the press continues. After being named a ‘Showstopper’ in the last issue of Juxtapoz, the show has now received a full page of opening night pictures in the ‘Pop Life’ section of the new issue (cover below) that is hitting news stands this week. Thank you again to all that have helped to spread the word and support this show, we couldn’t have been more stoked with how it all came together and was laid out for all to enjoy.

View all the works in ‘From The Streets Of Brooklyn’ here.

Tons of love for thinkspace in new issue of Juxtapoz…

A full-page of opening night shots from ‘Mostly Memory’ with ELBOW-TOE and ARMSROCK and ‘Life Sentence’ with Jon Todd are included in the ‘Pop Life’ section…

Plus a ‘Showstoppers’ feature for our current exhibition ‘From the Streets of Brooklyn’

Pick up the new issue of Juxtapoz on stands now with cover art from the one and only Mars-1

Luna Park posts her shots of LA trip / Shift feature…

‘From the Streets of Brooklyn’ main gallery view by Luna Park

Brooklyn street documentarian Luna Park is back in NY and just got in touch to share with us a short interview she did with me around ‘From the Streets of Brooklyn’ that just got turned into a lil’ feature on Japanese culture site Shift.

To view the feature / mini-interview with Shift, click here.

Luna’s also posted some of her shots of the Los Angeles landscape and works on the street that caught her eye (see below) over on her flickr, with promise of more to come, so keep an eye out here. She posted some beautiful shots, so be sure to check it out.

Ellis G. leaves his mark on Los Angeles…

Don’t sleep – these won’t last for long, so be sure to get on out and check out our block and the surrounding area before nature cleans Ellis G.‘s delicate chalk etchings away. His chalk work captures the shadows (both from the sun and from streetlights) of everyday street objects and their surrounding environment. Anything that casts a shadow is fair game for Ellis: benches (see above), bikes, fences, lightposts, and even full city blocks (most of our block has been outlined)…

Arrested Motion did a great write up on the installation he did around our gallery, check it out here. Some great shots from the area are also posted there (shot above courtesy of AM).

Check out a great interview with Ellis G. below from Friends We Love… great insight into how he approaches the streets…

View the below video “Life Of A Shadow” to see reactions to Ellis’ work and to get a lil’ background on what inspired Ellis G. to start this project:

To view more videos on Ellis G.’s work check out his MySpace:

In addition to his chalk outlines of shadows at night, be sure to check out across the street from our gallery to see a whole array of his sunlight shadow outlines (see above)… just amazing. Very cool to try and get them to line up again… amazing to see how quickly the world really does turn when you have a reference point such as these.

Ellis G. will soon publish his first book ‘Adhesives’, the ultimate compendium of graffiti, graphic design and street art stickers with Miss Rosen Editions for Powerhouse Books. Watch for it!

‘From the Streets…’ opening night shots + works from the show now posted

Again, thank you to all that came through our gallery this weekend to view ‘From the Streets of Brooklyn’. Just an amazing turnout the whole night long and so many props – the crew at Ad Hoc Art put together one epic show and it will be on view through Feb. 6th – be sure to come on through before it comes down.

The works from the show will be posted live on our homepage tomorrow, but for readers of our blog, you can view them here now.

In addition to the opening night shots already posted by Daily DuJour, we’ve also posted a good 150+ shots from the opening reception here.

The good folks over at Arrested Motion have now posted their coverage of the opening here. Also at the same link you can view the details to their Stikman Contest. AM and Sour Harvest have teamed up to give AM’s readers a chance to win some original pieces from Stikman. The three giveaways up for grabs: a stenciled playing card, a laser cut NYC Metro card, and a laser cut playing card can be viewed at the above link. To enter, leave a comment on AM’s post about the opening reception (link above). Three lucky winners will be chosen at random on Tuesday, 1/13 @ 12pm PST. Good luck everyone!