Thank you for raising over $43,000 for KidPower

Thank you to everyone that purchased one of the recent timed edition prints of “Jay” from Giorgiko. Your help means so much and KidPower will be able to do some great things with the funds we all raised together.

We ended up selling 488 prints and raising over $43,000 for KidPower.

A message from Giorgiko :

We are ecstatic to announce that our fundraiser with Thinkspace raised over $43K for KidPower International. In a 72-hour period, we sold 488 timed-edition prints of our painting “Jay”.  We want to thank everyone who shared about the fundraiser and purchased prints with hearts of support and generosity towards this good cause.  In a time when we are surrounded by such incredible diversity, our survival as a people is dependent on loving one another. We believe KidPower teaches children this very important message.

We conducted this fundraiser in light of violent events occuring in our nation.  We chose to support KidPower as an investment into the future of our society and because of KidPower’s positive message of teaching skills to prevent and stop bullying, harassment, violence, and other forms of harm.  This fundraiser comes at a time when KidPower has been unable to generate income from in-person workshops due to the pandemic, and we are happy to help bolster their organization during these crucial times.

About “Jay”

“Jay” depicts two characters, Wonder and Jay, as they look out at the scene before them.  Jay can see what Wonder cannot and is troubled.  In empathy and compassion, Wonder stands by his side.  They stand together as two different people sharing pain, joy, and a journey.  We hope this image can serve as a reminder of standing with those who are different from us, especially during perilous times.

About KidPower

KidPower is the global nonprofit leader in personal safety education for all ages, teaching skills for strong relationships and prevention of harm.  Their workshops and programs empower children, teens, and adults to prevent and stop bullying, abuse, harassment, assault, and other violence.  KidPower’s vision is to work together with people of all backgrounds, beliefs, and walks of life on our shared common ground of teaching skills for safety, respect, confidence, and kindness for everyone, everywhere.

KidPower was chosen as a 2020 Top-Rated Nonprofit by

New Print Set from GIORGIKO

Excited to share details on a very special print set with GIORGIKO that we have been working on over the past few months. The original paintings for Transition Lenses were exhibited as part of the duo’s recent sold-out solo show Horizon Light that took place this past February.

The goal was to have the character’s sunglasses look real, with a reflective sheen to them, especially when viewed from the sides or via a passing glance. The resulting print set has perfectly captured this effect and we are all thrilled with how they came out. Super impressive.

Transition Lenses (print set)
Edition of 25 (two print set)
Fine art print on Entrada Rag Natural 300gsm paper with foil stamping on the sunglasses
21 x 22.5 inches / 53.3 x 57.2 cm (18 x 18 inch image area)
Signed, numbered and embossed by the artists
$575 for the set

The team at POV Evolving and the Foil Place really did an incredible job on this deluxe print set. We are so excited to make this available to you all.

Available next Friday, October 16 at 9 am Pacific Time. There are no pre-sales or reserves. We will send out an e-mail that day at roughly 9 am Pacific Time to our newsletter list and we will fill requests in the order in which e-mail replies are received. A direct buy link will then be shared with you and you will have 2 hours to make payment and secure your sale before we move on to the next patron.

E-mailing to request before does not count, only replies to the official solicitation mail will be replied to.

Please do not e-mail now to ask questions or favors, all details are shared above.

Thank you.