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If you’re still not convinced of the epicness that is Cinta Vidal’s neck craning work, then check out this great interview she did with PR0HBTD.  Tomorrow, Saturday, August 13th is the last day to view Cinta Vidal’s ‘Gravities’ and Adam Caldwell’s ‘Dark Stage’. To view all available work from the exhibitions please visit the Thinkspace Gallery website. Visit for the full interview with Cinta Vidal.

I think we all live in the same world but inhabit it in different ways. We often share a landscape but see it from different points of view. I am passionate about the idea of being physically close to someone but mentally far. In order to show this idea, I play with the various orientations a painting can have. You will never be able to see all points of view at the same time, so you must choose which one you see upward. I think this also happens in life: All points of view are possible but we eventually choose one. – Cinta Vidal for PR0HBTD

Cinta Vidal ‘Gravities’ Show Pieces:

Adam Caldwell ‘Dark Stages’ Show Pieces:

Thinkspace Gallery hours are noon – 6pm, Tuesday through Saturday.

New Prints from Cinta Vidal – Now Available Online

Cinta Vidal Prints

We released two prints with Cinta Vidal, one on wood and the other a giclee print, in conjunction with her opening ‘Gravities’. For those who were unable to attend the opening night, can now purchase one of the new prints online at Thinkspace Gallery’s shop. Prints will not be shipped until at August 15th, but there is still time to see the original works in person. Make sure to stop by the gallery this week before the show closes on August 13th. Thinkspace Gallery’s hours are noon to 6pm now through Saturday.

Cinta Vidal Prints

Cinta Vidal Prints

Cinta Vidal

Brutal Architecture
Edition of 50
17×18.5 inches (43x47cm)
Giclee print on 300gsm paper
Hand-signed and numbered by the artist
$75 each plus s&h

Printed by Static Medium

Cinta Vidal Prints

Cinta Vidal

Together Alone
Fine art wood print on 1/2″ birch with bright white finish
Edition of 50
12×12 inches (30x30cm)
Hand-signed and numbered by the artist
$120 each plus s&h

Printed by Prints On Wood

Interview with Cinta Vidal for ‘Gravities’

Cinta Vidal Interview

Cinta Vidal’s fist US-based solo exhibition ‘Gravities’ opened at Thinkspace Gallery in the project room, Saturday, July 20th and is on view through August 13th. The exhibition is a collection of new works commenting on relationships and the various perspectives within one scene.  In our interview with Cinta Vidal for ‘Gravities’, we discuss her creative process and life as a painter.

SH: What motivated you to get an apprenticeship and work at the Castells Planes Scenography Atelier at 16? Do you think taking on that kind of responsibility at that age has shaped you as an artist now?
CV: It happened a little bit by coincidence, as the workshop is located in the same village where I live, and I have friends there. Since I have been working there I have learned many things and one of them is respect and responsibility at work.

Cinta Vidal Reading Club

SH: Your work has often been compared to MC Escher, but how much influence has his art actually played on your work (if any)?
CV: MC Escher’s work has always fascinated me. It’s an honor to be compared with him. However, he was not an inspiration for my artworks. He plays with optical illusions and I don’t. In some occasions our languages look similar but I think there is a big difference between us, since his approach is very mathematical and mine is rather human.

SH: What was the inspiration behind this latest exhibition?
CV: I always find inspiration in human relations (relations among humans and also between humans and their environment). I seek to talk about shared loneliness, setting people very close to each other but at the same time very far from a gravitational point of view. I also like to set my tiny characters in various environments, both architectural and natural, so that I can provoke several feelings from the viewer.

Cinta Vidal Holidays

SH: Your work features many different planes of activity, there is a central point, but it is not bound by the idea of up or down, how do the stories with in the work unfold and find direction? What is your creative process?
CV: My creative process always starts with a sketch made of vanishing lines. I try to attach importance to every point of view, and to create more than only one outstanding scene in each painting. All paintings can be turned around and have 2, 3 or 4 possible points of view. My goal is to let viewers interact with each painting. To let them explore a painting and decide which scene they like most.

SH: What does your idea day in the studio look like?
CV: Relaxing but active. I always begin with a coffee and the preparation of the paints. After having started I often lose track of time and I must be told once it is time to have lunch or dinner.

vinta vidal colorful

SH: How do you work through a creative blocks?
CV: It is a matter of not getting stressed. In my job there are uncreative tasks, like preparing wood, sanding or transferring images onto wood. When I don’t feel creative I focus on these rather mechanical tasks so that I can keep moving forward.

SH: Your entire life seems to be a commentary on scale and perspective, from working on the scenography to then the small details found within your paintings. Do these different artistic expressions feed off each other or are they two separate ideas in your life?
CV: They feed off each other. In fact, the only important difference is scale and that different technical procedures are required. I feel comfortable with both artistic expressions. Also, after having spent much time working in one of them I always need to switch to the other.

Cinta Vidal Escape to The Hills

SH: Favorite thing to do when not working?
CV: Relax. I like the pleasure of doing nothing.

SH: What elements of other artists work excites you? Are you looking forward to any upcoming exhibitions?
CV: I like many artists. I am passionate most of all about artists with a stroke that is free, and spontaneous. I pay much attention to details and it is hard for me to be like them, thus I admire pretty much these artworks where spontaneity can be perceived.

To view all available works from the exhibition please visit the Thinkspace Gallery website here:

Opening Reception of Adam Caldwell’s ‘Dark Stage’ and Cinta Vidal’s ‘Gravities’

Adam and Cinta

The sky was orange from smoke on Saturday, July 23rd, a fitting backdrop for the opening of Adam Caldwell‘s ‘Dark Stage’ in Thinkspace Gallery’s main room. Caldwell’s latest body of work inspired by a collaboration with the Badelion Dance Troupe is rich in color, composition, and emotion. Those who attended the opening were treated to two live performances from the dancers that inspired Caldwell’s work and a few of the models could be spotted amongst the attendees.

In Thinkspace Gallery’s project room, Spanish artist Cinta Vidal exhibited new works for her first US-based solo show, ‘Gravities’. A collection of paintings reflecting the varied perspectives within the world we live in. During the opening reception, two prints from Cinta Vidal, a giclee of ‘Brutal Architecture’ and a print on wood of ‘Together Alone’ were available to those looking to take a bit of Cinta’s work home with them that night.

We invite you to come see the current exhibitions Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 6pm, on view until August 13th.

To view available work from the both shows please click the links below.

Adam Caldwell:
Cinta Vidal:

Adam Caldwell (26)

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