The leader of our art movement, Greg Escalante has left us.

One of the most amazing humans ever. My mentor. My good friend. The leader of our art movement, Greg Escalante has left us. Gutted to wake to this news and won’t come to grips with this for a good bit. His impact will be felt for ages to come. His impact on so many artist’s careers can not be measured. Our thoughts go out to his family.

Greg was one of a kind. He always pushed me to dream bigger and to follow those dreams. He opened the doors for us at the museum level and encouraged us to go wherever one would have us, to keep pushing with all we had at the institutional level. One of my biggest cheerleaders and someone I could always ask for advice.

Will never forget the time we were having a BBQ at our home and Greg showed up over a half hour early, unbeknownst to us. My wife Shawn was going into our backyard through our back door and in walked Greg in some crazy mask and blonde wig and nearly scared her to death. I was in the other room and heard her scream and came running in to find them both laughing and him holding a wig in his hand. Who does that?!? Love(d) that man. He has left so many of us guessing why, but he also left us all with so many memories, so much inspiration and so many milestones for us all to continue to build upon.

We always love you, RIP Greg

-Andrew Hosner, Co- Owner of Thinkspace Gallery