Special Hand-Embellished Edition with Brian M. Viveros dropping November 2

We’re excited to announce a very special edition with BRIAN M. VIVEROS (b. 1974 USA), his first edition to be offered in over a year. 

“Undead” is a deluxe edition of 20 hand-embellished prints, each framed in a custom-made walnut frame with laser engraved design elements created by Viveros. This is the nicest edition we’ve ever published from the artist and we are thrilled to make this available.

Each print has been completely redone and hand embellished by Viveros using color pencils, gold paint, and airbrush on each print. Building them up & layering, taking each print to next level with added flesh tones, highlights throughout the eyes & lips + added blood to the fingers along with details added to the eyes + metallic golds and gold paint added to her crown of thorns and in her hair. Each work is truly a unique piece now, with so much embellishing done by the artist to each piece.

If all that wasn’t enough, Viveros is also going to include an original work on paper (8 x 10 inches  / 20.3 x 25.4 cm) featuring his iconic Day of the Dead muerte imagery as an added bonus.

“I spent a lot of time hand embellishing each one of these beautifully deckled prints making each one very unique and one of a kind. I didn’t want to just make a few marks and say this is hand-embellished but really putting the time and details into each one Seeing that there’s only 20 in this edition, I felt why not really make this launch special and release it on a special day’ Dia de los Muertos’, also the day I was born. This is the first print edition I’ve done in over a year so I’m making it a good one. I’ve created 20 brand new, highly detailed drawings of my iconic ‘Viva la Muerte’ character, created with many mediums. Not just a doodle or quick sketch, but something meaningful for each of you that purchase to go with this beautiful engraved edition. Each original is different no two are a like created as it’s own piece.” – BRIAN M. VIVEROS

‘Undead’Edition of 20
Print Dimensions: 18 x 24 inches / 45.7 x 60.9 cm
Framed Dimensions: 21.5 x 27.75 inches / 54.6 x 70.5 cm
Each print has been extensively hand-embellished by the artist
Laser engraved, custom hand-made walnut frame
Bonus work on paper included with each edition
Signed and numbered by Viveros

Please note that shipping charges will range from $250 to $450, based on where you live in the world.

Due to shipping limitations in certain countries, we are NOT able to sell to the following areas:
Australia / New Zealand + Africa + all of South America

Available on Tuesday, November 2 at 10am Los Angeles / 1pm New York City via our web shop.


Coming This Weekend: New hand-embellished Super A print ‘Cheshire Cat’


Super A / aka Stefan Thelen
“Cheshire Cat”
Hand embellished print
Edition of 25 / each unique

Full details will be shared this Friday via our newsletter list and the edition will drop at a random time this weekend via our web shop.

Please Note: This edition will NOT ship until early January.

Deluxe Embellished Canvas Edition from DULK

Each canvas features a unique, hand-painted bird by DULK. All birds are influenced by birds DULK saw during his recent safari in Kenya. Each piece in this special edition is unique and one-of-a-kind.

The hand-painted bird can be found perched on top of the triceratops skull in the lower left of the piece. Below is a photo of one of the hand-painted birds, and you can view Dulk working on a few birds in the video above.

Each edition is custom framed in a wooden floater frame, chosen by DULK, and also features an engraved gold plaque attached on the front of the frame inscribed with: 

An Ode To Kenya

These will be available on a first-come, first-served basis and will be filled as orders are received. Available Wednesday, October 7 at 9 am Pacific Time

No pre-orders at this time.

No choice of bird is possible.

Fine art print on canvas
Edition of 20
Each canvas print is hand-embellished by the artist with a unique bird 
Each print is hand-signed and numbered by the artist 
Custom framed with an engraved bronze plaque + COA 
Canvas Size: 27 x 36 inches / 68.5 x 91.4 cm
Framed Size: 30.5 x 39.5 inches / 77.5 x 100.3 cm 

Video by Birdman

New James Bullough Edition drops Friday, August 7th


Excited to offer our second edition from our recent solo show with James Bullough. Bullough’s show was our last physical opening back on February 29th and it seems like a decade ago now. “Gravity” was one of the highlights of the exhibition, and has been beautifully captured by the team at Static Medium for this special edition.

Standard Edition of 40
Special Edition of 7 hand-embellished with metallic acrylics & mixed media
Fine art print on Signa Smooth 300gsm paper
20 x 30 inches / 50.8 x 76.2 cm
Signed and numbered by the artist

The Hand Embellished edition features numerous new accent lines added by Bullough using metallic acrylics, traditional acrylics, and mixed media, going ever so slightly onto the white borders to really make them pop. Each one is ever so slightly different.

Available via our webshop this Friday: shop.thinkspaceprojects.com

Please Note: This special edition will ship the week of August 17 and tracking details will be shared with you at that time. If ordering from outside the States, we strongly suggest choosing a shipping option other than post. Thank you.

Two New Hand Embellished Editions from Brian Viveros Coming This Friday

Brian Viveros Print

Thinkspace Edition’s is excited to announce two brand new limited fine art editions from Brian M. Viveros coming this week. The first will be a hand-embellished and framed edition of his iconic ‘Fearless’ painting, which was featured at our sold out show with him this past March during SCOPE New York. The other will be a larger edition of ‘Viva Vaudeville’, which is taken from his sold out solo show from last November with Thinkspace Gallery.

Both editions are scheduled to be released this Friday, July 8th at 10am PST via this purchase link: www.thinkspacegallery.com/shop

Shown above and below are images of Viveros embellishing ‘Fearless’. This special edition is bound to become his most sought after collectable, having more work completed by the artist’s hand than any previous print edition, making each a truly unique one-of-a-kind piece. There are only 33 unique and hand-embellished prints in this edition and each also comes matted and framed to Viveros’ exact specifics and high standards.

Brian Viveros Print

Brian Viveros Print

Brian Viveros Print

Brian Viveros Print

Brian Viveros Print

Brian Viveros Print

Brian Viveros Print

– Gold leaf paint added to really make each print shine, added into specific areas to really pop things off and bring this print to life.

– Color pencil throughout to add more fine detail and outlining, creating a nice glow.

– Subtle use of airbrushing to add shading and even more richness in color & depth to the image, going over the eye area, lips & red cape specifically, making the red really rich and just bleed off the print.

– Hand cut stencils used throughout, for added texture and depth.

– Each print includes a special stenciled DirtyLand character.

– Comes custom framed / hand picked matte & molding by the artist.

Final framed image to follow this Friday.

“I’m putting a lot of focused energy and time into each one of these ‘Fearless’ prints. It means a lot to me to give my fans something really special. This is an important piece in my career, taken from my sold-out SCOPE NYC show and was one of my largest paintings to date. It screamed hand embellishing to me, so I’m excited to put everything I got into each one of these. For the ultimate Viveros collector, this is a truly a one of a kind piece to own.  Each one different from the last, but each one screaming strong and ready for their new homes. Stay Fearless My Friendzzz.” – Brian Viveros

Brian Viveros
18×24 inches (45.7×60.9cm)
Framed Dimensions of 24×30 inches (60.9×76.2cm)
Giclee print on 300gsm stock
Hand embellished by Viveros
Hand signed and numbered by Viveros
Edition of 33 framed & embellished prints
Printed by Static Medium (Los Angeles, CA.)
Framed by Sherman Gallery (Marina Del Rey, CA.)

$600 each (plus shipping)

Hand embellishing by Viveros includes:
Gold Leaf paint
Gold acrylic paint
Oil pastels
Airbrushed highlights
Custom hand-cut stencils used throughout
Color Pencils

Acrylic paints

Grab yours THIS FRIDAY, July 8 at 10AM PST here:

Brain Viveros Viva Vaudeville Print
Brian Viveros
‘Viva Vaudeville’
16×21 inches (40.6×53.3cm)
Giclee print on 300gsm stock
Hand signed and numbered by Viveros
Edition of 125
Printed by Static Medium (Los Angeles, CA.)

$200 each (plus shipping)

Grab yours THIS FRIDAY, July 8 at 10AM PST here:

Brain Viveros Viva Vaudeville Print

PLEASE NOTE: There are no pre-sales of any kind, no special requests for a certain number, no in-person sales or pickups, and no holds.

Our online shop only accepts PayPal for payment. Please be sure your PayPal address is current. We will ONLY guarantee shipping to the address associated with your PayPal account. No exceptions, so please take a moment to look at your account before next Friday and verify all is current for us. We will ship worldwide. Thank you.
Get ready Dirty Troops!