Yosuke Ueno before & after…

Yosuke Ueno just sent us an amazing before & after set for his new work “Positive-E no.3”

Simply stunning. Love to see an artist’s process, especially from a rough drawing to the final piece. Ueno continues to excel at a rapid pace with this new work. So excited for our solo show with him next year, I can’t even express it in words. Just love his work. Ueno has a great feature in the new issue of Hi Fructose, so be sure to check that out.

Two great works from Ueno are currently on hand, and remember we’ve got a 25% discount in place currently on all available inventory through next week. Don’t sleep on that deal!

Andrew Hem interview + some sneak peeks at Roq La Rue show…

Andrew Hem was recently interview by CommandaX over at the Erratic Phenomena blog, and it’s just an amazing in-depth read. She posted a ton of great works from Hem throughout the interview as well, so be sure to check it out here.

The works featured in this post are sneak peeks from his upcoming show alongside Stella Im Hultberg up at Seattle’s Roq La Rue that opens next month…

Hem also has a great feature in Vol. 10 of Hi Fructose that just hit news stands. Check out a slightly older interview with Hem here.

Look for Hem to make his return to Los Angeles with us next year. After a great solo with him in 2007, we can’t wait to welcome him back. Look for further details to be posted soon on our site.

Hem also just finished up the above gem on the streets of LA before heading over to Asia for an amazing vacation to visit family and friends.

Keep an eye on Hem over at his blog here.