HOW and NOSM – LA Freewalls Project

HOW and NOSM at work in downtown Los Angeles as part of the LA Free Walls Project - photo courtesy Jet Set Graffiti

HOW and NOSM are in Los Angeles this week and working away on a huge wall as part of the LA Freewalls Project. The dynamic duo from down under DABS MYLA return this evening from recent travels and join the twins tomorrow afternoon. This is going to be one f’ing sick wall once it’s complete.

Check out all the action over at Jet Set Graffiti here:

Be sure to follow ’em on Twitter for all the action in the week ahead: @jetsetgraffiti

With all the artists in town for the big ‘Art In The Streets’ exhibit at MOCA next week, the walls of LA will be very busy over the coming week. Going to be fun to watch!

Check out HOW and NOSM’s new site

HOW and NOSM 'Death Of A Salesman' - Graphite and acrylic

Be sure to check out HOW and NOSM‘s new site – – simply next level work and we couldn’t be more excited to be working with the twins. We’ll be debuting them this June as part of our Culver City Art Walk group show and building up to a big solo next summer (also look for them in our University of Arizona show this September and to be featured with us this December in Miami). Can’t wait!!! Before that, look for them in the big Martha Cooper remix show at Carmichael Gallery on April 9th and as part of a special ‘Primary Flight’ curated show shortly thereafter (details to follow).