Instagram Round Up : Scope Art Miami 2017 Edition

Our flights are booked, a crate has been shipped, and we’re headed out to Miami for Scope Art and the Juxtapoz Clubhouse. We will be presenting mini- solos showing new work from Michael Reeder and James Bullough, mini-profiles with new pieces from DotDotDot, Lauren Brevner, Sergio Garcia, & Wiley Wallace, in addition to forty plus twelve by twelve pieces from the Thinkspace Family.

Our mission continues to be to expose and introduce the New Contemporary Art movement to art lovers and show the vast burgeoning talent within the movement. Follow a few of the talented artist who we will be showing at Scope Art Miami on Instagram for a “behind the scene” look into their studios, works in progress, and life as an artist – they might even share their Miami antics on their InstaStory.

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Detail of ‘Dust’. Another of the pieces I’ll be showing in Miami next week at Scope with @thinkspace_art

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…drying up!

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Thinkspace Family Instagram Round-Up

Instagram by far is the ultimate artists’ platform and a great way to peek inside the studio of a few of the Thinkspace family of artists.  Here is round-up of a few Instagram account we think you should follow.

Stephanie Buer / @Stephanie_Buer: Our current featured artists in the Thinkspace Gallery main room, stop by the gallery to view her latest exhibition Uncommon Silence.

Almost finished 🎄☕️🎨💕 #thinkspacegallery #thinkspacefamily #stephaniebuer

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So Youn Lee / @SoYounLee: The gallery’s project room is filled with the colorful and whimsical work of So Youn Lee, stop by to view her current exhibition Limpid showing concurrently with Uncommon Silence.

Jolene Lai / @enlojial: We’re thrilled to present a solo exhibition of Jolene’s latest body of work Beside You this coming February.

Anthony Clarkson / @anthonyclarksonart: Clarkson doesn’t post often, but he has shared a few shots of upcoming work for his solo Trail of Wandering thoughts that will be showing concurrently alongside Beside You.

Bezt of Etam Cru / @bezt_etam :  Natalia Rak (@nataliarakart) and Bezt recently completed a stunning mural for the RAD Napa project. Both artists work incredibly hard despite the less than stellar weather conditions to create a train stopping piece.