Lancaster MOAH present ‘Structure’ featuring artist Cinta Vidal’s ‘Concrete’ exhibition | Video & Photo Tour

Thank you to all those who joined us for the opening reception of Cinta Vidal’s exhibition ‘Concrete’ as part of Lancaster MOAH’s presenting exhibition ‘Structure.’ The exhibition is on view now through December 26th.

Visit for more information on the exhibitions.

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Video Tour of ‘The New Vanguard III’ at Lancaster MOAH

Explore THE NEW VANGUARD III from the comfort of your home with a video tour through the exhibitions, showcasing the compelling and thought-provoking work of a very talented group of new contemporary artists.

Curated by Thinkspace Projects

September 12 through December 27, 2020

Lancaster Museum of Art and History
665 W. Lancaster Blvd.
Lancaster, California 93534

Featuring Solo Exhibitions From:
ALEX GARANT “Deconstructing Identities”
KATHY AGER “Fool’s Gold”

The Lancaster Museum of Art and History, in collaboration with Los Angeles’ Thinkspace Projects, is pleased to present The New Vanguard III, a dynamic group exhibition of works by international artists working in the New Contemporary art movement. The highly anticipated follow up to 2018’s successful second iteration of The New Vanguard, on view in tandem with this year’s POW WOW! Antelope Valley will feature special solo projects by artists Kevin Peterson, Kayla Mahaffey, Kathy Ager and Alex Garant.

The New Vanguard III, in keeping with the first two installments, will present a diverse and expansive group of curated new works. In addition to the solo exhibitions on view from Mahaffey, Peterson, Ager and Garant, we will also be presenting our ’Small Victories’ group show focusing on suicide prevention and mental health. We’ve lost one of our greatest allies and friends and one of our rising stars to this ever growing epidemic in recent years. Sadly this issue is very wide spread in the creative community and we want to help raise awareness and funds. If it helps guide just one person out of the darkness, it was more than worth it to mount this collection of works.

Video by Birdman

Artist Talks with Brooks Salzwedel and Seth Armstrong Sunday December 16th at Lancaster MOAH

Join The New Vanguard II featured artists Brooks Salzwedel and Seth Armstrong this weekend, Sunday, December 16th for talks with these at Lancaster MOAH.

Brooks Salzwedel’s artist talk will take place at 1 pm followed by Seth Armstrong’s talk at 2 pm. The New Vanguard II will be on view until December 30th and this is a great opportunity to view the exhibition and learn about the works of these talented artists.

Brooks Salzwedel 

Born in Long Beach, Salzwedel creates translucent landscapes that shift in and out of solid and ethereal states. Like fluid worlds suspended in a cycle of perpetual haunting, the imagery often feels loosely real but undeniably hallucinated and invoked. His works play with the depiction of these unhinged natural and hyperbolically unnatural physical states, combining sparse terrains with fictional mountain ranges and shadowy, diaphanous atmospheres. His mixed-media drawing-based works are created using a combination of graphite, mylar and resin, tape, colored pencil, and ink.

Seth Armstrong 

Los Angeles-based painter Seth Armstrong creates paintings that seize time, near-cinematic moments of suspended or implied action. Some offer vast views, and others contracted intimacy, moving freely in and out of public and private spaces to create ambiguous vantage points. Known for paintings that self-consciously capture the act of looking – whether as a voyeur in trespass or a participant in the landscape – Armstrong captures the simultaneity of the city as a place of endless, contingent narratives, jarring interruptions, and suspenseful pauses.

In Lil’ Baja’s Last Ride, Armstrong combines his patented interest in the grittier recesses of urban life with his penchant for humor and a good inside joke, dedicating the exhibition’s title to his recently retired car, the unsuspecting casualty of a freak fire in the MOAH’s parking lot.

Exhibition on view October 20 through December 30 at:
Lancaster Museum of Art and History
665 W. Lancaster Blvd.
Lancaster, California 93534

New Vanguard II Artist Sandra Chevrier Featured on CBC Arts

Sandra Chevrier, whose latest body of work is on view at the Lancaster Museum of Art and History, was interviewed for a segment on the CBC this past summer. You can visit the CBC website for a short video on Chevrier and a look at this talented artist.

Chevrier’s solo exhibition “Cages and the Allure of Freedom” is on view now through December 30th at the Lancaster MOAH.


Interview with Brooks Salzwedel for “Rut in the Soil” at Lancaster MOAH during “THE NEW VANGUARD II”

Brooks Salzwedel’s exhibition “Rut in the Soil” is on view now through December 30th at the Lancaster MOAH during “The New Vanguard II” 

Can you explain your creative approach when developing your installation/solo for the New Vanguard II?

In my most recent work, I present landscapes, some imagined, some inspired by our national parks, touched by man in various states. In many pieces I’ve enclosed the landscapes in a border of negative space by use of graphic shaped rectangular boxes mimicking a foundation, more specifically the borders we put on land; from national parks, city parks, backyards, gardens, to countries and states. By setting the scenes in these shapes it alters the seemingly limitless boundaries of nature and our behavior with it.

Within the pieces are moments that are personal to me, hidden within the trees and brush one will find oil rigs, fire pits, pills, rainbows, animals, palm trees, and other various images make the piece personal to my experiences and create a greater narrative when pieced together.

In 100 years from now, what do you think will be said about the New Contemporary art movement?

I think the current New Contemporary movement is thriving with so many different types of work and materials. It will be seen as a change in the relationship between artists and galleries, artists and other artists, galleries and other galleries, and collaborations. It will be a time of blurred lines between artists’ original work and people altering those works via social media and computer-generated imagery to create their own works. Technology is still relatively new in the art world, that seems to be shown a lot more in artists’ work as well.

What does it mean to you as an artist to have your work be shown at a museum?

To have a solo show in a museum has been one of my top goals since I was a young artist. I never thought it would happen at such an early stage of my career. I feel as though I am able to offer the world feelings they may not have felt before in a space that is made for the viewer to focus on the work and what it means rather than what it is or will be worth.

If your body of work had a signature cocktail or drink, what would it be made of and called?

It would have to be Oaky, strong, and dark. Maybe an Old Fashion. A dark, wood colored whiskey, with a cold cube in the center and it would need a small object, a stir stick in the shape of a nail to combat the natural taste and feel of the liquid.

Favorite part about Lancaster, or something you learned about Lancaster during your time there working on your install for the New Vanguard II?

It’s a surprisingly comfortable, easy drive from Los Angeles. It’s close enough for an easy afternoon and far enough that the museum is able to take risks on the exhibitions, have more fun. Also, the Blackbird Air Park is quite a treat.

There are a lot of amazing artists in the exhibition, and this question may be difficult to answer, but which artists in this show would you want to collaborate with on or steal an artsy secret/technique from that you want to use too?

I’m not much of a freehand painter, I’m meticulous and detailed and on quite a small scale compared to some other artists. I’d like to collaborate with one of the mural, graffiti artists, maybe Jeff Soto. Not only did we graduate Art Center within a couple of years together I’ve always had a connection to the work, the plants and weathered look in some of his work. I notice Soto has a few larger works, and murals, so the grand scale of his work would push my comfort level.

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