Luke Chueh "From Light Cometh Darkness" opens at Corey Helford Gallery…

Luke Chueh opened up his latest solo show, ‘From Light Comes Darkness’, tonight in Culver City at the Corey Helford Gallery and delivered big time with 21 new paintings, including some of his strongest work to date in my opinion. The above gem, “(Gummi) Bear In Mind” was one of my favorites from the show…
Opening night crowd shot from the loft…

Francisco Goya’s “Saturn Devours His Son” (re-mixed by Luke)
This one had many talking, and for good reason. Can’t wait for him to further branch out and explore new ground with his upcoming Gallery 1988 show this fall, said to be focused around ‘Dante’s Inferno’. Can’t wait to see that come to life.

“Honey Comber”

(L-R) Jan from Corey Helford, Jensen from Gallery 1988, Shawn from Thinkspace upstairs in front of an Eric Joyner painting… and not a Thomas Han painting… as sadly there were no ‘Dirty Pretty Things’ from Thomas Han anywhere to be seen. He was a no show yet again, more or less writing his own obituary with galleries… and it was set up so sweet. He could have killed it here, then rocked the custom show coming up at Munky King built around his ‘pusher’ figure and rounded things out by making an appearance alongside Todd Schorr in some press shots at Todd’s big solo next week at Merry Karnowsky (since Schorr owns one of Han’s major works from his debut solo)… a perfect 1,2,3 comeback. Alas… we still love his work, just sad there’s no new work for others to enjoy.


“My Ball & Chain” – one of the most clever pieces he’s done to date.

The show piece… “Whitewash” – 36×48″ – $12,500 – SOLD. Damn. Go Luke!!!

“Sushie Series: Handroll + Sashimi”

These should have been sold as a dipdych… great pieces.

Richard Scarry from Corey Helford and the man of the hour himself

Corey Helford Gallery
8522 Washington Blvd in Culver City / 310.287.2340
‘From Light Cometh Darkness’ featuring new works from Luke Chueh
(On view through April 10th)

Recommended openings to catch this weekend…

Michael Hussar (sketch from ‘Sketch Theatre’)

Fri, March 20th 7-10PM
Corey Helford Gallery
8522 Washington Blvd in Culver City / 310.287.2340
“From Light Cometh Darkness” featuring new works from Luke Chueh + “Dirty Pretty Things” from Thomas Han in the loft
(On view through April 10th)

Fri, March 20th 6-11PM
The Light Gallery
440 E. 17th Street, #6 in Costa Mesa / 949.515.2018
“Pre-Existing Condition” group show to raise money to find a cure for type 1 diabetes featuring artists that are, in one way or another, impacted by diabetes – featuring works from Shepard Fairey, David Stoupakis, Anthony Ausgang, KRK Ryden, Paul Torres, Big Toe and many more

Sat, March 21st 7PM-Midnight
Gnomon Gallery
1015 N. Cahuenga Blvd in Hollywood / 323.466.6663
“The Art Of Sketchy Theatre” featuring the sketches filmed on – works from Michael Hussar (pictured above), Travis Louie, Ana Bagayan, Chet Zar, Greg “Craola” Simkins, Gris Grimly, Shawn Barber, Nate Frizzell, Luke Chueh, Gene Guynn, Molly Crapapple, Jeff McMillan, Mari Inukai and many more

Sat, March 21st 7-11PM
LeBasse Projects
6023 Washington Blvd in Culver City / 310.558.0200
“Vous Avez Ete Juste Serve” group exhibition featuring new works from Tessar Lo, Yoskay Yamamoto, Nate Frizzell, Edwin Ushiro, Melissa Haslam, Ryuichi Ogino, Jason Redwood, Brian Donnelly, Eric Fortune, Amanda Visell, Scott Belcastro, Jack Long and more
(On view through April 4th)

Sat, March 21st 7PM-Midnight
Show Cave Night Gallery
1930 Echo Park Ave in Los Angeles
“Dark Psych” group show with works from Arnau Sala, Dean Sullivan, Evan Meister, G. Lanzard and Keenan Marshall Keller

Sat, March 21st 1PM signing / 3:30 artist talk
Subliminal Projects
1331 W. Sunset Blvd in the Echo Park region of Los Angeles
John Van Hamersveld will be in the gallery signing his groovy posters starting at 1pm followed by a walk through conversation of the show at 3:30pm. Come learn about the psychedelic ’60s and get a first-hand account of how John created some of his most iconic images

Sat, March 21st 3-6PM
Sylvia White Gallery
1783 Main Street in Ventura / 805.643.8300
New works from Don Ed Hardy + a special book signing
(On view through April 25th)

Please remember it’s always best to contact the gallery directly or visit their website to confirm all listings and to ask about possible cover charges or other restrictions.

If I were a betting man…

While all are focusing on Luke Chueh‘s great new body of work, the real ‘buzz’ behind the scenes is if Thomas Han is going to actually come through and deliver a new body of work. His last “show” was only a few small pieces, that were accompanied by some prints at Copro/Nason a good bit back, and prior to that he had been MIA for a good year. We love Thomas’ work and own many and hope this is a comeback of sorts for him. He was once at the very forefront of the movement, but he’s just been out of the public eye for too long now. Hoping he comes through, but many are saying the new works are a bit too Miss Van (as seen in the image above)… we’ll leave that up to public opinion, but read more on that here.
Be sure to swing through Corey Helford Gallery this Friday to check out Luke’s new body of work and for a trip up to their loft to see if Mr. Han has indeed come through.

‘Year of the Ox’ opens at GR2…

GR2 opened up their ‘Year of the Ox’ group show this past Saturday. I was out and about all over Los Angeles that day as I was taking around David MacDowell (in town for his show with us) and a friend/collector from the UK to all the galleries in LA. GR2 was somewhere in the mix, as we hit a total of 15 galleries throughout the day and into the eve on Saturday. Whew. Bit of a blur, but back to GR2

The show celebrated this year’s Chinese zodiac animal, the Ox. The show had a lot of variation and was pretty strong overall. The show roster included Bigfoot, Deth P. Sun, Amanda Visell, Luke Chueh, Michelle Valigura, David Horvath, Edwin Ushiro, Buff Monster, Joel Nakamura, Le Merde and many more. There was many a Paul Bunyan themed piece and overall the artists’ interpretations of the theme were pretty spot on.

Some of our favorites in the show:

Deth P. Sun

Luke Chueh

Martin Ontiveros


Amanda Visell

Buff Monster

Dan-ah Kim


Joel Nakamura

The show closes on April 15th – be sure to swing on through!

22062 Sawtelle Blvd in Los Angeles / 310.445.9276

‘The Garden of Eye Candy’ book now available…

The Garden of Eye Candy
188 pages / embossed hardcover in deluxe slipcase pkg / cover art by Mijn Schatje
List price of $39.95 / by Gingko Press

‘The Garden of Eye Candy’ recently came out and is a must own. While the ads that are running in various magazines don’t do much justice informing one what awaits inside, I just picked up this great collection and it really offers up a great mix of up and coming artists.

‘The Garden of Eye Candy’ features an international roster of artists in a luxurious and exquisite box set. Featuring contributions from several Thinkspace regulars including the likes of Amy Sol, Camilla d’Errico, Lesley Reppeteaux, and KuKula along with Luke Chueh, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Jaime Zollars, Lisa Petrucci, Mijn Schatje, Noferin, Brandt Peter, Koralie, Tim McCormick, Kendra Binney, Danielle Lamberti, Mark Bodnar, Josh Taylor, Danile Lim, Juri Ueda, and many more. Each artist section features a short overview and anywhere from 6 to 8 pages of images.

Available at Amazon and Last Gasp