In Conversation with B. Robert Moore this Friday March 24 at 5pm

Join us this Friday, March 24 from 5-6pm for a talk with artist b. Robert Moore as he delves into the stories and influences behind his new body of work, Out the Mud: A Black American Rite of Passage.

Please arrive early, as seating will be limited. Thank you.

Thinkspace Projects
4217 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90016

Los Angeles Times features b. Robert Moore’s first solo exhibition ‘Out the Mud: A Black American Rite of Passage’

Photo Tour of Marissa Reyes’s ‘Fighting Fickle Feelings For You’ and Roja’s ‘Asco’

Thinkspace presents a photo tour of  Marissa Reyes’s ‘Fighting Fickle Feelings For You.’ in Gallery III and ROJA’s ‘Asco’ in Gallery IV.

All exhibitions are on view at Thinkspace Projects now through March 25, 2023.

Photos by @BirdManPhotos.

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Virtual Tour of March Exhibitions at Thinkspace Projects | Exhibitions on view March 4 – March 25, 2023

Thinkspace presents a virtual tour of ‘Out the Mud: A Black American Rite of Passage’ featuring new work from b. Robert Moore showing in Gallery I and the ‘F CANCER’ Charity Benefit Group Show in Gallery II. Along with Marissa Reyes‘s ‘Fighting Fickle Feelings For You’ in Gallery III and Roja‘s ‘Asco‘ showing in Gallery IV.

Explore the virtual tour here:

All exhibitions are on view at Thinkspace Projects now through March 25, 2023.

Virtual tour created by Birdman.

Video Tour & Opening Reception Party of March Exhibitions featuring B. Robert Moore in Gallery I

Opening night recap from this past Saturday’s reception for b. Robert Moore’sOut the Mud: A Black American Rite of Passage’. A big round of applause for Moore on this historic museumesque exhibition.

Here are a full set of opening night photos!

Shout outs to Venice BeatsGoopmasstaThe Roll N’ Bunn,  Digital Debris Video GalleryB9RKGongaRoshiMade Fresh ShopSociety of Shadows and Timeless Brand for helping provide great vibes for all in attendance.

Click HERE for additional photos of the other March Exhibitions and evening’s festivities! Installation photos will soon follow!

All four exhibits remain on view until March 25, 2023.

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 12-6pm. Viewing Rooms for each show are now live on our website.  

Video + photos courtesy @BirdManPhotos

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B. ROBERT MOORE’S ‘Out the Mud: A Black American Rite of Passage’ showing at Thinkspace Projects | March 4 – March 25, 2023

Out the Mud: A Black American Rite of Passage

On view March 4 – March 25, 2023 in Gallery I

Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 4 from 6-10pm

  • FREE show poster to the first 150 people through the door (shared above)

Thinkspace Projects is honored to present b. Robert Moore’s inaugural solo show ‘Out the Mud: A Black American Rite Of Passage.’ Self-taught and multidisciplinary artist, Moore, uses art as a means to process both the personal and the societal. He provides the perspective that a quick glance may not. Noticing that, like many humans and human experiences the exterior is merely a facade that does not dive into the true interior, the influences and experiences that impact them and thus human nature typically has a subjective stance. Robert attempts to strip away those subjective “soft” assumptions of narrative, instead, calling them out directly. That is the goal in his work, to conflict and provoke thought of narrative of the African and African American diaspora as well as social and civil experiences of underrepresented people and narratives. A true representation of his experiences through a collective community lens, Moore maintains that art should be felt, not just seen.

For this debut solo exhibition, b. Robert Moore, lays out his experience as a Black American, in the perspective of a linear ‘Rite of Passage’, as his experiences and those of the Black community in America.

In describing this body of work, Moore says, “For many Black Americans, we have no direct understanding of our traditional African tribes rite of passage. Our only Rite Of Passage is what we have inherited by being born descendants of African slaves here in America. For many, birth and childhood are traumatic, coming of age is a form of warfare (if we even survive). We are conditioned to not understand marital structure, we experience religious confusion through manipulation, death…. And more. With the hope that our coming of Age, our Rite of Passage, is to make it past the age of 25…. If we do, some of us may even thrive. We may even find a smile. We may recreate. We may be the rose that grew from concrete. Out The Mud.”

Artist Bio:
b. Robert Moore (b.1983) Des Moines, Iowa | Lakewood, California. Robert, a multidisciplinary contemporary artist started painting to counter drug addiction and alcoholism among mental and emotional health outlets. A self taught folk artist, Robert’s mastery is infant but seasoned and continues to be a focus of his practice. Mastery of his passion.

To Robert, he is constantly in pursuit of happiness, which in his current state is defined by fulfillment + purpose. He finds purpose in connecting narrative and opening doors for connection, relation, healing, discussion. From up-cycled sculpture to abstract portrait and urban neo-expressionism, Robert has defined his genre or style as “narrative”. He is purposeful with every word, brushstroke and connection to the work with contention if intentionally or accidental occurrences influenced the work.

Thinkspace Projects
4217 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90016