Brandi Milne installation action + Murphy Design interview…

Brandi Milne came in the other day and did her part of the installation for ‘Run Rabbit, Run’ which opens this Fri at Thinkspace. The show came out amazing. She’s really knocked it out of the park with this new batch, and viewed as a body of work all together, is just magical. Our front installation room features 22 hand-painted antique books beautifully displayed and in the main gallery there are 13 new paintings on wood, four new works on paper, four brand new wooden cut-out works and more…

After interviews with Juxtapoz (both their short ’20 Questions’ feature and a more in-depth feature), a studio visit from Hurley and the interview we just posted…you’d think you’d have read all you possibly could about Brandi by now, but the Brandi Milne media blitz continues…

Mark Murphy from Murphy Design just posted a nice lil’ feature with Brandi as well here. All these interviews have a different vibe to them and expose different elements of Brandi’s world… so please be sure to check them out if you’re a fan of her work or just discovering it for the 1st time.

If all that wasn’t enough, she has a full interview in Vol. 11 of Hi Fructose now hitting stores and subscribers nationwide. If you are a subscriber, keep an eye out, you may be one of the lucky 100 to get one of Brandi’s special prints.

Oh… and THE Magazine also included a preview of the show in their new issue. The coverage for this show just keeps coming.

The goodies for ‘Easter Egg Hunt’get ready!!!

‘Brandi Milne’s Easter Egg Hunt’ details: A large number of Easter eggs will be hidden about the gallery (both inside and out) for patrons to hunt for and discover. Each egg will contain a special ticket, good for one of many prizes to be redeemed that evening, including the grand prize, a framed one-of-a-kind original drawing from Brandi herself. Other prizes will include limited edition giclee prints, copies of Brandi’s latest book with Baby Tattoo “So Good For Little Bunnies”, one-of-a-kind original sketches, one-of-a-kind hand-made creations from Brandi, copies of her new Gelaskins, and much more.
*Limit one egg per patron during the hunt

‘Easter Egg Hunt’ grand prize – framed original drawing with acrylic touches from Brandi

“And The Choir Sings Quiet” limited edition giclee print
(9 of 10 available ‘artist proofs’ of this limited edition print will be included in the ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ as special prizes to those lucky few who find the special eggs)
Look for the digital preview for ‘Run Rabbit, Run’ to follow tomorrow.
We can’t wait for Friday for all to see this new body of work in person and to take part in the ‘Easter Egg Hunt’. She really went all out for this show and the special ‘Easter Egg Hunt’. There are some AMAZING prizes to be had in the egg hunt, so be sure to show up early to take part.

Thinkspace presents:
Brandi Milne
‘Run Rabbit, Run’
Opening THIS Fri, April 10th 7-11PM
(also on view: Cherri Wood ‘trouble, clearly’ + Alex Garcia ‘Blood & Steel’)