Michael Reeder “No Dice” Special Edition

Excited to share full details on our “No Dice” unique variant edition with Michael Reeder.

This special unique variant edition is a thing of beauty and has been in the planning and development stages for well over a year as we worked out all the best ways to present this incredible idea for his loyal fans. Inspired by the Colorforms series that’s been popular with children for over 60 years now, we wanted to create a work with Reeder that his fans could change on a regular basis for their viewing pleasure.

‘No Dice’ features two solid steel plates at its core. The base steel plate is custom painted by Reeder (each piece is a unique variant / no two are alike) and the other steel plate has been laser cut and custom painted by the team at Fine Art Solutions.

Each edition comes with a collection of nine screen-printed, laser-cut custom shapes thanks to the teams at Serio Press and POV Evolving. Each laser-cut piece has a custom-shaped magnet on the back, allowing for numerous configurations and viewing options for your ‘No Dice’ work.

Each variant is housed in a custom-painted walnut frame that holds the steel layers together with a perfect fit and arrives ready to hang with a hand-made French cleat from the team at Fine Art Solutions. The paint scheme of each custom walnut frame matches up with the second painted cutout layer, making for a finished and polished look just like Reeder’s gallery works.

This edition is deluxe in every sense of the word, and each work will come housed in a wooden crate with all parts custom fit into laser-cut foam enclosures to ensure a safe arrival to your home, along with white gloves for handling and installation.

Photographs are shared below of each colorway plus examples of some of the many possible configurations.

No Dice
– Acrylic and aerosol on steel and walnut with screen printing on MDF
– Edition of 25 unique variants / Five different colorways of five each
– Within each colorway, each will be numbered 1 through 5.
– Colorways: Blue | Yellow | Green | Pink | White + Grey (AP edition)
– Each set comes with 9 magnetic backed laser cut pieces for unlimited display possibilities
– Overall Framed Dimensions: 25.5 x 32 x 31.5 inches / 66 x 81.2 x 7.6 cm
– $5,500 each


Michael Reeder featured in the latest issue of The-Art-Form

We’re excited to share the latest issue, Issue 04, of The-Art-Form has a 14-page feature on Thinkspace family member Michael Reeder. You can pick up the issues via their online shop at http://www.the-art-form.com/.

Opening Reception of Micheal Reeder’s “The OtheRealm,” Matthew Grabelsky’s “Jungle City,” and Kyle Bryant’s “On Broken Wings.”

Thank you to all those who attended the opening of Michael Reeder’s sold-out exhibition “The OtheRealm” alongside Matthew Grabelsky’s Jungle City,” with new works from Kyle Bryant in the back office room. The night was buzzing with excitement over Reeder’s transformation of the space, and Grabelsky’s subway inspired works and accompanying sounds. Both artists released prints, and a fifty person line formed out front before doors by avid fans. While those who desired a print waited in line, they were able to admire Kyle’s detailed and dimensional woodblock pieces for his show “On Broken Wings.” It was a fantastic opening night for all three exhibitions which are on view now through August 24th.

To see available pieces from Matthew Grabelsky and Kyle Bryant, please visit the Thinkspace Projects website.

Michael Reeder’s “The OtheRealm” opens Saturday, August 3rd.

The OtheRealm
August 3, 2019 – August 24, 2019

Opening Reception with the Artist(s):
Saturday, August 3, 2019
6:00pm – 9:00pm

Michael Reeder invites the viewer into The OtheRealm this August at Thinkspace. Discovery through the exploration of process and materials has fueled this new series of work. Experimenting constantly in his studio to find just the right balance, Reeder never stops pushing himself forward. The OtheRealm features the largest collection of work to date from the Texan-born, Los Angeles-based artist.

A contemporary portraitist who uses figurative distortions and symbolic dislocations as a vehicle for the expression and examination of identity, Reeder’s controlled chaos is as evocative as it is strategically unsettling. Looking to the depiction of the figure as an exteriorization of the internal self, Reeder’s graphic and stylized works oscillate between moments of reduction and surplus.

The artist’s imagery is loose enough to encourage projection and tight enough to direct association by tapping into the subconscious, and its surreal recesses, as a limitless visual resource. By recreating a single subject multiple times, Reeder discovered the poetic potential in seriality and the subtlety of incremental difference: each iteration of the same producing profoundly different results.

Moving from flat graphic expanses of space and patterning to more realistically rendered areas, the portrait is positioned as a dynamic, shifting entity, a composite of competing forces colonized by often conflicting imperatives from the realms of the personal, political, and social. As something finite and circumscribed, the figure just like the self is, nonetheless, undeniably infinite as a locus of unwritten potential.

Vitality &Verve III: Artist Panel Discussion and Dinner by Long Beach Museum of Art – Friday, August 24th

Join LBMA for a night of cocktails, dinner, and discussion at our Artist Panel Discussion with POW! WOW! artists Michael Reeder, Lauren YS, and Spenser Little. The discussion will be moderated by the Museum’s Executive Director, Ronald C. Nelson, and the co-owner of Thinkspace Projects and co-curator of Vitality & Verve: Transforming The Urban Landscape (on view until September 9, 2018), Andrew Hosner.

For more information and to purchase a ticket for the dinner visit the Eventbrite link here.

Photos courtesy of Birdman Photography