Artist Know Hope In ‘Wall Drawings – Urban Icons’ exhibition at Musée d’artcontemporain de Lyon


Thinkspace family artist Know Hope, who has shown with us at the gallery and in museum exhibitions over the years, is currently a part of  ‘Wall Drawings – Urban Icons’ exhibition at Musée d’artcontemporain de Lyon. We wanted to congratulate Know Hope on the honor of being a part of the prestigious show, and share some image and a snippet of the video installation he created for the exhibition titled, ‘Parallels’.

View available work from Know Hope on the Thinkspace Gallery website.

know-hope-4 know-hope-3 know-hope-1

Below is an explanation of the piece in Know Hope’s words. 

In ‘Parallels’, the documentation of a series of site-specific interventions, each essentially creating a ‘border’, form the basis this video installation.

These interventions were created during my stay in Lyon, each one organically interacting with the passers-by, allowing a correspondence and reflection on broader philosophical contemplations.

The documentation of these interventions were later paired with other representations of borders, or the meeting point of two separate realities such as the Segregation Wall in the West Bank, the Lesvos Shoreline and depictions of refugees and migrants breaking into trucks waiting to enter the Eurotunnel in Calais in order to enter UK territory.

This juxtaposition attempts to raise questions regarding the notions of territory, identity, and our emotional structures.