Fire Dog Lake interview Morgan Spurlock about ‘New Blood’

Morgan Spurlock at home alongside works from Brian M. Viveros and Dalek (aka James Marshall)

Spurlock explains why and how he chose the established artists in the exhibit:
I picked artists who I believe had helped re-shape the art world in some way, artists whose imprint will be felt for decades to come. Each of them have created bodies of work that explore issues of censorship, free speech, human rights, voter’s rights, abandonment, depression, pollution, gun control, corporate & governmental malfeasance, & personal empowerment through art. Through art, you can create a truly inspired conversation and debate that forces us to engage with a topic.

Check out the full interview with Morgan from the good folks at Fire Dog Lake here:

Close up look at one of Dzine's new pieces for 'New Blood'

Take a sneak peek at the show coming to life here:

‘New Blood’ opens to the public this Sat, April 28th from 5-9PM

Thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd. in Culver City, CA /